Saturday, 16 December 2017


Right now .. I have been working on something.

I have talked a lot lately about being screwed by the NHS and the DWP. I have also talked about how I am trying to help my family .. a mother that has my disability it now turns out, REMEMBER THIS BELOW, and three 'C' scares to get through. After that is a historical court case for domestic violence to get through which was only recently. After recovering from that she found out he thirds child was seriously autistic, then that she had my disability .. then the 'C' scares and then that the fourth child was autistic.

All that and with a needy-boy that is a pain in the arse himself, over-active and winds the two autistic children up, his older brother, approaching puberty, up and screams like a girl ('bitch' in is mum's words) when he does not get his own way or asked to go to bed.

When cannot stop food being wasted in large quantities and nor can we .. keep the house clean .. or form being flooded.

My friends and family are often open mouthed in shock when I explain the situation.

But then as I have stated there is my situation and I have long since reminded readers of my disability known as Fibromyalgia and how it is more serious that they would have you believe.

Now I published a very long list of symptoms a very long time ago now and on their I had somewhere around 119 to 121 but my right knee turned out to be a physical problem so was knocked off.

Other things I thought were separate things, because the NHS told me so, have long since been confirmed to be a number of wrong diagnosis and/or lies.

I also knew that the word 'Syndrome', if you do not already know, means it is not properly understood and in fact the name for it is completely wrong, meaning Painful Muscle Fibres.

Now if you THINK you know about Fibromyalgia even if you know someone afflicted with it .. then you had better think again.

My daughter did not really believe half the things I was telling her and I could hear a number of 'Oh my God!'s as she was reading something on the Internet. It is not just the three 'C's she has to worry about but a whole list of other things besides.

Well she was reading a new list for Fibromyalgia Syndrome symptoms listed on an Australian site, of all places.

In fact this list is called ..

The Ridiculously Long List of Fibromyalgia Symptoms

It has 279 symptoms listed!

It is missing some.

As it turns out the NHS have been lying to me again by omission! Nice!

It turns out that my new chest pains, heart palpitations and irregular heart rhythm, just lihe the blood pressure and cholesterol, cotochondrytis and others, are down to my Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

So is a while effing list of stuff y daughter has been wondering about for a very long time, some of which cause her intense pain ..

Now what I am going to do is copy and paste this list .. with numbers in brackets in BOLD going up one at a time with the symptoms I get.

I am then going to edit this post at a later date .. adding a second numbered system in RED stating symptoms in .. someone else. All of which have been missed for years by the stupid and inept .. or lying and corrupt NHS. Tryig not to identify problems like CPRS, Fibromyalgia Syndrome and CFS/ME by only insisting on dealing with one symptom at a time. Easy to discard previous symptoms and not make the connection .. except ..

I kept ASKING about these connections for FOURTEEN YEARS and as told several times it was NOT POSSIBLE ..

Though you have Fibromyalgia, CPRS, CFS, Paget Disease, Charcot Marie Tooth Disease and many others that do have a long list of complex symptoms that can be connected.




  1. Abnormal sensitivity to hot or cold Allergies (nasal, other; new, increased or worsening)
  2. Canker sores (frequent) Chills and/or shakes when hungry (may occur instead of feeling hungry)
  3. Cold hands and feet Feeling hot or cold (1)
  4. Often Flu-like symptoms, on-going or recurrent after initial gradual or acute onset; includes mild fever (99.5-101.5 F / 37.5-38.6 C), chills, extreme fatigue after minimal exertion Hair loss (alopecia) (2)
  5. Herpes simplex or shingles rash
  6. Increased susceptibility to infections
  7. Low-grade fevers (3)
  8. Low blood pressure (below 110/70) (4 – Postural Hypotension)
  9. Low body temperature (below 97.5) (Don't Know)
  10. Lymph nodes painful, swollen (in neck; under arms) (5)
  11. Night sweats (not related to menopause or fever) (6)
  12. Orthostatic Intolerance (neurally mediated hypotension) (Don't Know)
  13. Reactive hypoglycaemia and insulin resistance
  14. Thirst, increased (7)
  15. Temperature irregularities; often feeling hot or cold irrespective of actual ambient temperature and body temperature; low body temperature (below 97.6 F / 36.4 C) (8)
  16. Thyroid inflammation (acute thyroiditis; hypothyroidism; Hashimoto's thyroiditis) (Don't Know)


  1. Cardiac abnormalities (mitral valve prolapse; myocarditis; tachycardia; palpitations; dysrhythmia) Cough Dyspnoea (out of breath) or shortness of breath (air hunger) after minimal or no exertion (9)
  2. Heart attack
  3. Heart palpitations (10)
  4. Heart pounds so hard it shakes body, bed (11)
  5. Pulse skips (12)
  6. Serious rhythm disturbances of heart (13)
  7. Sighing, frequent, not related to mental/emotional state (14)
  8. Stroke Vasculitis


  1. Abnormal CAT, MRI and/or SPECT scans (I THINK SO!!)
  2. Alcohol intolerance (15)
  3. Aseptic meningitis "Brainfog"; inability to think clearly (16)
  4. Difficulty moving tongue to speak (17 - Rarely)
  5. Diminished or absent reflexes Fainting or blackouts; feeling like you might faint (18)
  6. Headaches (frequent, severe, recurring)
  7. Hearing fluctuations (sounds fade then return) (19)
  8. Hearing changes, often from day to day (need to turn up, then down, volume of radio, TV) (20)
  9. Joint or arthritic pain not relieved by NSAIDs (ie, ibuprofen) (21)
  10. Libido (decreased) (22)
  11. Light-headedness, feeling spaced-out (23)
  12. Migraine headaches
  13. Muscle twitching (24)
  14. Noise intolerance (25)
  15. Paralysis or severe weakness of limb (26 – Fibromyalgia Rubber Legs?)
  16. Paraesthesia (numbness, tingling, crawling, itching sensations) in face, head, torso, extremities (27)
  17. Photosensitivity (28)
  18. Radiculitis (Don't Know)
  19. Seizures; seizure-like episodes (29)
  20. Sensory alterations (hyper- or hyposensitivity) - smell, taste, hearing (noise intolerance) (30)
  21. Severe muscle weakness (31 - Rare)
  22. Syncope (fainting) (32) [Not mentioned by anyone to be linked to my Fibro]
  23. Tinnitus (ringing/noises in one or both ears) (33)
  24. Touch or weight of clothing on or against body causes discomfort or pain (34)
  25. Tremors, trembling (35)


  1. Becoming lost in familiar locations when driving (36)
  2. Difficulty with simple calculations (e.g., balancing checkbook) (37)
  3. Difficulty expressing ideas in words (38)
  4. Difficulty moving your mouth to speak
  5. Difficulty making decisions (39)
  6. Difficulty following directions while driving (40)
  7. Difficulty remembering names of objects (41)
  8. Difficulty remembering names of people (42)
  9. Difficulty recognizing faces
  10. Difficulty following simple written instructions
  11. Difficulty following complicated written instructions
  12. Difficulty following simple oral (spoken) instructions (43)
  13. Difficulty following complicated oral (spoken) instructions (44)
  14. Difficulty integrating information (putting ideas together to form a complete picture or concept) (45)
  15. Difficulty putting tasks or things in proper sequence
  16. Difficulty paying attention
  17. Difficulty following a conversation when background noise is present (46)
  18. Difficulty making and/or retrieving memories (long/short-term memory deficits) (47)
  19. Difficulty understanding what you read
  20. Easily distracted during a task (48 The Oh My God Symptom!)
  21. Feeling too disoriented to drive (49)
  22. Forgetting how to do routine things (50)
  23. Forgetting the use of common objects (such as, what to do with the shampoo when you are standing in the shower)
  24. Forgetting how to get to familiar places (51)
  25. Impaired ability to concentrate (52 - Rarely)
  26. Losing your train of thought in the middle of a sentence (53)
  27. Losing track in the middle of a task (remembering what to do next) (54)
  28. Poor judgement (55)
  29. Switching left and right
  30. Slowed and/or slurred speech
  31. Stuttering; stammering
  32. Transposition (reversal) of numbers, words and/or letters when you speak and/or speak
  33. Word-finding difficulty (56)
  34. Using the wrong word (57)


  1. Bloating; intestinal gas (58)
  2. Decreased appetite (59 from time to time and when stressed)
  3. Digestive chemicals (acid, enzymes) reduced or absent
  4. Oesophageal reflux; heartburn (60 Wrongly Diagnosed as Hiatus Hernia in late 80's)
  5. Frequent constipation (61 Periodic)
  6. Frequent diarrhoea (62 Food Dependent)
  7. Food cravings (especially carbohydrates, sweets) (63)
  8. Food/Substance intolerance (64)
  9. IBS (65)
  10. Liver function impaired; mild abnormalities
  11. Increased appetite
  12. Nausea Spleen tender or enlarged
  13. Stomach ache, cramps (66 All my life and I am 49 nearly!)
  14. Vomiting (67 Wrongly diagnosed as Oesophagitis)
  15. Weight gain or loss (68 Both)


  1. Bite your cheeks or tongue frequently (69)
  2. Bump into things frequently
  3. Difficulty discriminating printed matter despite proper vision correction
  4. Distances (difficulty judging when driving; when putting things down on surfaces)
  5. Dizziness or vertigo (70)
  6. Dropping things frequently (71)
  7. Disequilibrium (balance problems) (72)
  8. Impaired coordination Loss of balance when standing with eyes closed
  9. Perception (not quite seeing what you are looking at) (73)
  10. Some patterns (stripes, checks) cause dizziness (74)
  11. Spatial disorientation
  12. Staggering gait (clumsy walking)
  13. Words on printed page appear to jump off page or disappear when staring at them


  1. Acuity changes not related to prescription changes
  2. Blind spots
  3. Blurred vision
  4. Conjunctivitis
  5. Diminished visual acuity in absence of actual vision change
  6. Drooping eyelid (75)
  7. Double vision
  8. Eye pain (76)
  9. Flashes of light perceived peripherally
  10. Optic neuritis or atrophy
  11. Oscillopsia (image jiggles)
  12. Prescription changes more frequently
  13. Pressure sensation behind eyes
  14. Red and/or tearing eyes
  15. Retinal damage
  16. Slowed accommodation (switching focus from far to near, near to far) (77)
  17. Spots or floaters not related to migraines (78)
  18. Swelling around eyes
  19. Uveitis and/or iritis
  20. Wandering or lazy eye


  1. Bell's palsy (facial paralysis, one or both sides)
  2. Bruxism (grinding/clenching teeth) (79)
  3. Canker sores
  4. Dizziness when you turn your head or move (80)
  5. Dry chronic cough
  6. Dry eyes, nose and mouth (sicca syndrome)
  7. Pain in ears, palate, gums
  8. Periodontal disease (Possibly)
  9. Prickling pain along skin of jaw
  10. Problems swallowing, chewing (81)
  11. Runny nose in absence of cold, allergies (82)
  12. Sinus infections (83)
  13. Sore spot on the top of your head
  14. Temperomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ) (Yes if this is Jaw .. was under hospital for operation they then cancelled)
  15. Unexplained toothaches (84)
  16. Xerostoma (dry mouth) (85)


  1. Arthritic pain that migrates from joint to joint
  2. Carpal tunnel syndrome (Was tested for this)
  3. Frozen shoulder Intermittent joint swelling (86)
  4. Joint aches (arthralgia) (87)
  5. Joint pain, without redness or swelling (88)
  6. Loss of tone "Lumpy, bumpy" long muscles
  7. Morning stiffness (89)
  8. Muscle aches (myalgia) (90)
  9. Muscle pain, stiffness, weakness (91)
  10. Pyriform muscle syndrome (Don't Know)
  11. Reduced range of motion (92)
  12. Stiff neck (93)
  13. Writing causes pain in hand, arm shoulder (94)


  1. Abdominal pain *Chest pain* (95)
  2. Generalized pain (96)
  3. Joint Pain (97)
  4. Pain that migrates from joint to joint
  5. Pain/stiffness at C1-C2 (top two vertebrae) *** Shooting or stabbing pains **** (98 Tested for this 8 years ago and 12 years ago!! Lied to gain!)
  6. Painful tender points (FMS: 11 out of 18 tender points) (Probably – Cannot recall)


  1. Abrupt/Unpredictable mood swings (99)
  2. Anxiety or fear for no obvious reason (100)
  3. Appetite increase/decrease (101)
  4. Decreased self-esteem (102)
  5. Depression or depressed mood (103)
  6. Feeling helpless and/or hopeless (104)
  7. Feeling worthless (105 – Why I started blogging .. well one reason)
  8. Frequent crying for no reason
  9. Helpless/Hopeless feelings (106)
  10. Inability to enjoy previously enjoyed activities (107)
  11. Irritability; over-reaction (108)
  12. New phobias/irrational fears (109)
  13. Panic attacks (110)
  14. Personality changes (labile, irritable, anxious, confused, forgetful) (111)
  15. Phobias (irrational fears) (112)
  16. Rage attacks; anger outbursts for little or no reason (113)
  17. Suicidal thoughts or suicide attempts (114)


  1. Acute or abnormal reactions to medications
  2. Alteration in taste, smell, and/or hearing (115)
  3. Chemicals (alcohol, medications; lower tolerance for) (116)
  4. Food sensitivities (117)
  5. Increased perception of and sensitivity to noise (118)
  6. Light sensitivity (119)
  7. Sensitivity to odours (able to detect and/or react in concentrations far lower than before and that healthy people cannot smell)
  8. NOISE sensitivities (120)


  1. Abnormal scarring
  2. Acrodermatitis (Don't Know)
  3. Chronica (Don't Know)
  4. Atrophician (Don't Know)
  5. Blotchy or mottled skin
  6. Bruise easily
  7. Bruises may take longer to appear, and/or longer to fade
  8. Bull's-eye (Erythema migraines) on light skin (resembles a bruise on dark skin)
  9. Dermographia (minor scratch pressure on skin leaves vivid red welts)
  10. Dry, itchy skin (121)
  11. Easily scar
  12. Eczema or psoriasis (122)
  13. Fragile nails (123)
  14. Frequent skin irritations (124)
  15. Lymphadenosis benigna cutis (Don't Know)
  16. Nails that curve under or downward
  17. Overgrowing connective tissue (ingrown hair, adhesions, thickened/split cuticles, cysts, fibroids)
  18. Painful skin (abnormal/excessive pain when scratched or rubbed)
  19. "Paper" skin (feels fragile, tissue-thin when rubbed)
  20. Rashes on body, face
  21. Vertical ridges or beads in nails (125)


  1. Abnormal brain activity in stage 4 sleep (?)
  2. Altered sleep/wake patterns (alert/energetic late at night, sleepy during day Difficulty falling asleep (126)
  3. Difficulty staying asleep (frequent and/or prolonged awakenings)
  4. Hypersomnia (excessive sleeping)
  5. Myclonus (restless leg syndrome; occasional jerking of entire body) (127 No Mention of Restless Arms Syndrome)
  6. Nightmares (frequent, extremely vivid and/or disturbing) (128)
  7. Unrefreshing/Non-restorative sleep (129)


  1. Decreased libido (130)
  2. Discharge from breast or galactorrhea
  3. Endometriosis (Don't Know)
  4. Frequent urination (131 At times)
  5. Incontinence (132)
  6. Impotence (133 – Rarely but hard to Judge as single 14 years)
  7. Infant: premature; low birth weight; low muscle tone; failure to thrive
  8. Interstitial cystitis (Don't Know)
  9. Miscarriage or stillbirth
  10. Painful intercourse
  11. Painful urination or bladder (134)
  12. Pelvic and/or rectal pain
  13. Prostate pain
  14. Swollen testicles
  15. Other symptoms worsen before start of menstruation
  16. Worsening of PMS (N/A)


  1. Abnormal or other changes in sweating (135)
  2. Activity level reduced to less than 50% of pre-onset level (136)
  3. Burning sensation (internal or external)
  4. Changed voice (137)
  5. Changes in sweat odour/body odour (138)
  6. Delayed reaction to overactivity/exertion (onset 24-48 hours after exertion) (139)
  7. Electromagnetic (EM) sensitivity (electrical storms, full moon, affect function of electrical devices)
  8. Fatigue, prolonged, disabling, made worse by exertion or stress (140)
  9. Fibrocystic breasts
  10. "Galloping" cholesterol and triglycerides (141)
  11. Hair loss (not related to age, hormones, diet, medication) (142)
  12. Hands hurt excessively when put in cold water (143)
  13. Handwriting changes, altering signature and/or other writing (144)
  14. Hoarseness (145)
  15. Painful, weak grasp that gives way/lets go (146 Reported to GP/DWP over Decade ago)
  16. Periods of concentrated thinking causes physical and mental exhaustion, increases pain (147)
  17. Sore throat (148)
  18. Swelling/Idiopathic oedema (fluid retention syndrome) (Dad & Nan had)
  19. Symptoms worsened by extremes of temperature (hot, cold), stress, and/or air travel (149)
  20. Symptoms change focus from time to time, like infection is moving through the body
  21. Thickened mucus secretions (nose, bowel, vaginal) (150)
  22. Thickened "sleep" around eyes in mornings (151)
  23. Very attractive to biting flies and mosquitoes (152)
  24. Weight changes (usually gain) (153)
My Added Two Penneth ..


  1. Plantar fasciitis type pain but in reverse (154)
  2. Achilles Tendinitis (155)
  3. Metatarsalgia (156)
  4. Arch Pain (157)
  5. Costochondrytis or Chest Wall Pain (158 – Only occurred once and hope it effing stays that way?!)
  6. Recent links to DYING YOUNG through .. (Not happened yet but did to Dad)
  7. Increased Risk of Cancer and .. (Undetermined and previously tested via Head MRI)
  8. Suicide

So there you have it ..

A possible 283 Symptoms provided I have them all listed?

They did not have them all listed and I know for a fact that Pplantar fasciitis is a symptoms, or can be, of Fibromyalgia Syndrome – Ginevra Liptan, Figuring Out Fibromyalgia you can find on Amazon, purple cover.

I have 153 of their possible 279 and in all honesty .. there are many I had to answer 'Don't Know' to!

Fibro Network Page ..

Downloadable Symptom List in PDF Format ..

Friday, 15 December 2017


Well here is one that is long overdue.

The World Health Organisation has declared that Marijuana has no public health risks?!

Well I know it is not that bad and I have stated this for many years but .. I am not sure I would have gone that far in my statement .. if I was them.

Yeah .. it has been helping me on and off for years but .. not at this moment, not for several days and in all honesty though I did go through a week of using it late late at night .. it first helped and then made things worse. A lot worse.

I always say to people that it is government and very likely religious groups, or the nutty and fanatical ones, that have kept it fro being used.

But take heed ..

If you suffer with anxiety there is more or less a 50/50 chance of that anxiety your trying to cure with it being ramped up to '11'.

I also found that I would get stronger feelings of anxiety as I woke up in the mornings too!

But ..

This is down to a Cannabidiol drug already present in your brain. If you have a lower than average amount then the anxiety will be helped according to a report I read. But if the amount is normal or above average .. it is going to make it worse.

So I must have had a normal or over abundant amount of it .. which is effing typical because it helps me in so many ways it is not true.

But in the thing it is needed for the most it does not. So unless I can get rid of this anxiety and get back to normal, which means that I first need the DWP to leave me the feck alone and give me back what they took from me or .. I start to feel t home around a place I hardly know. In the case of the latter this could take years .. or never happen at all. It all rather depends. In short I simply have no idea.

It is not just the places, the landmarks and the roads but it is down to people too. I simply do not know enough people .. or at least enough of the right people. But I can work on that in the Spring and the Summer.

But then there is also this niggling worry that I will be the sole carer to four children at some point in the future and one I try not to think about. But you cannot shut these things out entirely. The human brain just does not work that way. If it did I would not have half the problems that I am currently dogged with.

Unfortunately for the UK government, probably the USA and others too, this was the start of the deep distrust between their public and themselves.

Oh they continued on insisting it was not safe and many naive people believed them. I still know one and I told him it would be good for his Glaucoma after I read a report about it and he insisted he would never use it.

HE blames it for the son he has who is scatter brained. He leaves street doors open when there is no one in the house and it is a miracle he has never been burgled.

I now have to WhatsApp this to him.

Another odd thing that comes up I am having trouble believing but that we could end up trying out right here within a matter of weeks is being a Vegan curing cancer?!

Ugh .. just looked for a link to this and it is in the Daily Mail .. hmm I must go and read the comments on that one!

Always remember .. I am always about the facts and the right answers to problems .. not what is politically correct or what some religious nut-job group wants or what some tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist wants to believe ..

World Health Organisation Declares Marijuana Safe ..

Being Vegan Curing Cancer?

Someone Arguing That It Does Not ..

And Someone Claiming That Veganism Cured His Cancer ..


Well I find another page on Facebook with shocking stories ..

.. there just seems to be no end to them and I am getting several things a day I am tagged in and struggling to open my laptop and type in peace to get another post published.

I always seem to have children around me until around 10pm, if I am lucky, by which time I am absolutely knackered.

I just feel lucky that the last few days I have not had anything strong in the way of heart and chest issues, which had gone from monthly to daily since I arrived in a location 250 miles away from the land I know.

In fact in the south I know mist places .. from all parts of London and east to Southend, south to Dover and west of there to Brighton, the original, where I lived a long time ago for around 18 months and have a grandmother live there.

All the home counties I know and was born in Middlesex, Perivle to be precise. Grew up in East London. Delivered around a 200 mile radius, even to Great Yarmouth.

There are places here I have only visited briefly in the past and even thought about living in for a year with my new trusty camera and equipment. Except I am missing two items and a PC to be able to handle the very high definition RAW files and 4K videos.

The Peak or Lake District for one, Snowdonia for another.

A bit further away but also on my radar was Scotland.

I had a little break just prior to writing those last two lines and the previous paragraph .. and I am supposed to be typing this in a room other than the living room I am currently sitting in ..

.. a Support Worker is supposed to be here. They are not coming.

 Now a Support Worker is someone that comes when a Social Worker cannot .. which is odd because a Social Worker has failed to turn up many times and I know what she looks like and can even tell you she is from Luton. But I have no idea what the Support Worker looks like.

I had to leave to go and pick one of the Autistic children from school and they were supposed to arrive shortly after getting back here. That was why I was asked to go in the car to pick her up .. otherwise I look after the youngest with Autism while the other is picked up by her mother.

This process is then repeated again around 3 to 3.30pm to get a third child. Being ten years old the oldest has just started to come back on his own ..  bit of training before he attends secondary school next September, 2018.

We had been back in the house for five minutes when the Support Worker called around 2.05pm or a little later to inform us they were not coming.

The council has already long been listed as inadequate. Someone was trying to remember when that was because they have 6 months to sort this out.

Oh .. that is weird .. I just did a check to let her know and it turns out that it was over a year ago?!

But I was told they had six months to put things right?

Plus a child died a few months, maybe weeks, before I got here two streets away?

Plus another one is added to the list that does not turn up to these ... chair/support meetings for these children that are at risk! Not one or two but well over half a dozen meetings .. around 9 I think it is now that they have not turned up to out of 11.

Next month in January 2018 there is a court case linked to the domestic violence all these visits are for. No .. the autism I have previously referred to was discovered while all this was going on .. TWICE. First and in the face of everything else we get told about one. But then they test the other one and she is worse. They do seem to be trying to rush it but trying in my book is not good enough.

Not one, not two but three areas requiring help and support.

Then we discover that the mother has inherited my disability and many things that have confused both her and her Doctors for a very long time, like several years, are answered in an instant. Then they find three lumps in very different places and thus far .. two biopsies have needed to be taken.

Seven reasons support is needed!

There IS support. Me! Except I am being screwed over and only getting my rent paid currently and have the aforementioned disability which causes very high blood pressure and some issues I am currently being seen about. Issues that have made me think I might drop dead any day.

When you are also faced with the possibility that you do not want to think about, that I will end up being the sole carer of these four children who are getting zero support .. other than visits looking for reasons to damn the mother, in her words, it is .. fecking scary!

But this is just one in a long list of stories and ours is not even listed on the page below, though I have alluded to it but only in parts.

Try the stories on the Facebook Page .. Walking the Breadline ..


The shame that has been on the government over the public services has been immense and grows all the time.

I sometimes sit there asking myself if Theresa May has any idea what her legacy is going to look like, David Cameron, George Osborne, Iain Duncan-Smith and a few others besides.

Tony Blair can add himself to that list because he more or less started it .. he just managed to fool everybody for a very long time. So much so that everyone blamed things on the Tories when they got in power and only the Tories. But they just took it and ran with it. Where Tony Blair was far more stealthy about it .. well .. except I had started to notice long before he left.

I always find it odd when a Prime Minister leaves and yet we have had two now do it and no one seems to ask why it has occurred twice.

Within the powers that be they must know this? Yet they are still willing to stand up to the plate and carry on where the previous Prime Minister left off. That takes a pretty callous person.

Oddly this was remarked upon by Theresa May's closest rival to become Prime Minister .. pointing out that in her opinion families would suffer.

Everyone has now suffered, families included.

The lies and cheats I claimed as well as predicted in the NHS have come out thick and fast and I did think that despite the fact that the news media have compounded the downfall of British Society by avoiding sad and serious issues and reverting to celebrity effing gossip, they could not avoid it forever. There would be a point when they realise that so much was happening there would be a wide-scale breakdown of trust. A nation wide break down of trust.

I had barely finished vacuuming a living room when I was suddenly tagged in a story on Facebook that someone had posted from my old friends, The Daily Record.

I say 'old friends' because a few years back I had spoken to several people and had asked them how they heard about me. One replied "Your joking, right? Your blog is everywhere!" yet even three years ago the numbers did not seem to reflect, by Google and Blogger, this. A couple of others stated that it was from The Daily Record's webpage.

Well the Daily Record has a story that piles a whole mountain of shame onto the one public service everybody insisted did not have a problem, did not lie or falsify documents. All my friends would say .. "Oh the NHS would not do that!" and it seemed a bridge too far. But I knew my facts.

So how about an 8 year old boy who kept writing suicide notes, clearly had a mental health problem and even tried to kill himself with a pair of scissors?

I effing kid you not!

I had a conversation with the person that tagged me in the story and while she said "It is bad, isn't it?" when she has two of her four children autistic and a domestic abuser locked up who threatened to throw a 3 year old girl out of a window and kill her. Another situation everyone is avoiding and no one is doing anything about. Or helping with.

I have two crowd funding campaigns for them all. A family of five that I have been helping but has been killing me .. cost vast sums of money and .. I have my own disability that causes dozens of symptoms, some life shortening, and might be behind my chest and heart issues I am now being seen by a heart specialist for.

I literally feel at times I am going to drop dead at any time and while I would welcome that .. I would prefer it does not happen around people it would seriously affect that have already been affected beyond most people's imagination.

So what I said in reply to 'it;s bad' is "It is SCARY is what it is!"

I am told that her mother, from my generation, also does not understand how things are not happening for her daughter. She told me that her mother said that years ago everything would have been sorted out in a flash and there would be an abundance of help. She is having difficulty coming to terms with the fact that there has been nothing. Nothing at all.

There is a house but .. something seems to be taking time with it. I have now learned there is a Support Worker and a Family Support guy. The Family Support guy has said that if the housing has not got in contact by Monday, it is Friday today, then he is going to phone them up and have a go at them?!

I am worried that they are going to withdraw or refuse the house they previously offered that we have had to wait many months for.

Added to all this is a recent report in the BBC about the lack of support for children with Special Educational Needs, SEN.

With the suicidal 8 year old the hospital even admitted that his condition was severe but the parents were told there were no beds.

The boy spent the last year leaving notes like 'Everyone please forget me' and the shocking 'Burn me alive' one. It is mind boggling. Pictures of the notes he left, or at least some of them, are pictured on The Daily Record's webpage in the link below.

Another thing I have noticed in this area is .. people dying young. So much so that a mother and daughter spoke about it yesterday and the mother said "I wouldn't be surprised if the government were putting something in the water to kill us off?!"

As crazy as a conspiracy theory this sounds .. my health has deteriorated since I have got here and I have heard myself of a lot of people dying in their twenties and thirties and that does not include he stories of children dying either!

The Eight Year Old Attempting Suicide ..

Other stuff to do with lack of help for Special Educational Needs Children .. mostly on The Guardian's website ..

Check your School ..

Thursday, 14 December 2017


Do you know the trouble I find with all advice centres and solicitors even?

Oh and you can add in ombudsman in all this, governing bodies and the political opposition parties that include Jeremy Corbyn ..

They do not read all your letters and all your emails reports.

Do you know what else they do not do?

Do any fucking research and after years and years of people being murdered they come up with just a few cases.

YouTube is a good place to research so I will do so once again what so many have not done for years before me to date.

Here is a long list of YouTube videos regarding the DWP, Atos and even one Atos staff member admitting that I tried to tell people over and over again that Atos only do what the DWP tell them to!

All I kept hearing was that if the DWP knew what Atos was doing they would get rid of them and it would be all over .. I said, "Like feck it would!"

Of the videos I have linked below I have seen .. ONE. I have not seen the others .. speakers do not work and .. well I do not need to listen to them. I know pretty much what they are going to say and it is damning.

Worst of all look at some of the dates .. note that I think most of these were about Atos, formerly Atos Healthcare and a French company based in Paris that was masquerading as a British company.

Now consider there are three others added to this list which was previously just one?! One that got caught out and the Tories said they was going to get rid of .. even Nick DeBois lied toi my face and told me they had discovered what they was doing and were getting rid of them .. ooh did I mentioned I have that on tape, figuratively speaking? Oh dear. But they went nowhere and another three organisations just like them added to them?!

Now you see the news media reports about children and people starving!

Yeah well sorry mainstream media like the BBC and ITV News but you are partly responsible and you have been paid millions upon millions while I have been trying to raise awareness of this for free and I have had no thanks at all.

I even tried to tell about this 6 years ago and you did not even flinch .. not so much as an acknowledgement. Now you look like the proverbial white knights .. now that it has all gone wrong like I predicted it would over 6 year beforehand. I started blogging in 2012 and I contacted all tabloids .. ALL tabloids and TV News Media groups back in 2011. Maybe even earlier actually? Yeah I still have the sent emails, LMAO!

Grand scale crimes against a large portion of the British public while stealing money of the rest of them to commit these crimes while the proverbial books are thrown at people breaking the law just to survive or feed their children.

Where does it stop and when does the British law stop being warped into something far more sinister and beyond recognisable as a joke any more?

Consider this is just a small percentage of videos. Consider that those that record their assessments, umm .. like I did, would only be a tiny percentage. I can assure you that if you look my number of just over a dozen could very well have a third figure to it. Consider too that those that had a similar experience but did not record their assessments could have yet another figure or two added to that.
So what are dozens could very well be hundreds of videos that could be thousands or tens of thousands of similar assessments.

Yet HMCTS were ot interested in this widely known fact .. now was they interested in the fact that theu tried to send me 40 miles away or further when they had a building a mile from my house tat had been there several years.

Yup Judge Miss Mark and the HMCTS are just as corrupt and selfish as the Tories, DWP & Atos and sit their like lords while they steal far more of your taxes than the accuse disabled people of doing.

Oh the irony!

So .. here are one or two of them ... LMAO ..


Well this was a close one.

Do not get man of these but the last time it was .. less then two days. A Telegraph report about something Theresa May stated that I had stated two days before had .. been broadcast. I am not entirely sure when she stated the fact that PIP and ESA was going and by 2020? But it was what I stated in the DPAC group 36 to 48 hours before that .. caused me a surprising amount of bother.

Being someone that likes to cut in and dance around the edge's with death I am kind of used to it.

But a number of people reacted .. some upset and others .. angrily and it was even put forward that I should be kicked form the group?!

I was not even in there when all this was being said .. then spotted it and tried to defend what I said. It was demanded of me that I reveal my source but this would have made absolutely no difference whatsoever. I refused. To me that was proof.

But to naive people that think themselves intelligent because they know a few big words .. it was not proof of my integrity. They wanted a name. A name they would not recognise ad would just get the guy fired. It was not going to happen.

That was how I met a number of people and one in particular was Gail Ward.

She private messaged me and I had just been kicked off a Fibromyalgia group for saying the same thing and the first thing I said was "Go on? I know how this is going to go I have just been kicked somewhere else" She explained that she was not going to do that and just assured me I could confide in her .. I trusted her so I did.

Several people then believed me .. some did not.

Two days later when word got around that it indeed was a statement of fact .. some apologised .. others did not. Big to open their mouths .. not so big to open their mouths when they have made mistakes and do not look quite so intelligent anymore.

Disabilities do not change human character. At least not to that extent.

Still .. I do it to help people .. if I am going to get a backlash over something .. so be it .. I at least tried and maybe, just maybe I might reach and help some people with open minds who know me well enough to listen.

My solicitor from Mary Ward Legal was not aware that the government had changed the law on sanctions, going from 'Illegal', yes they were and you better believe it, to 'Legal'. She was not aware and neither was she aware that in the sanctions they are not touching your rent payments. They told me that at my first visit to the Job Centre in Price Street Birkenhead where I now unfortunately reside. Only because things are worse here with the authorities than they were in the place I left.

Someone much ore selfish than me would see this as a field day .. a gift from God, if you prefer. But I was saddened by this, what I was hearing and what I was seeing.

So .. with one of the best stories around now becoming instantly twice as bad as it was before and right in the belly of the beast.

There was only a matter of time before they realised it. Upon realising this they might .. see a major problem .. or threat.

That is what I have trying to be for the last 8 years.

Unfortunately for them .. they thought I had only done this for a few weeks when they discovered my dastardly plans. To counter dastardly plans you have to have equally dastardly plans but doing these in both a genuine, legal as well as factual manner .. well that is not easy. Especially when you do not have the resources of a big news network like Rupert Murdoch. Ooh he has just sold Fox for $54 Billion plus .. maybe he is coming after me?!

Well I did get warned about this .. many, many times. The first few weeks in which I started .. to a few days ago 5.5 years after I started. Plus others in-between.

Now I thought I would succeed a lot quicker then this and thought it wold be all over in a year or two and .. well no. It just did not happen like that.

I had built up a lot of evidence before I even started blogging .. thought it as enough .. thought I would hit the ground running and in the first yer or two the stories would race around and people would slowly flock to read my blogs.

I said it before it is like an illusion conjured up my a Magician. You are 'wowed' by the illusion but as soon as you know how it is done the lustre wears off .. so to speak.

Oh .. Spire Healthcare are on the TV for lying and it turns out that my daughter worked for them and knew about the lying. Should have seen the loo on her face when I explained not only did I know who Spire Healthcare was and that I covered them four years or so ago when I thought I had Charcot Marie Tooth Disease before later realising it was Fibromyalgia.

The story involves a weird one when I was on my way to the appointment but in the main part of the building, which was the wrong one. A tall blond man was walking towards me while speaking to someone else and he glanced at me. He stopped mid sentence and did ore or less a double-take. Dominick Mort.

As I passed by I wondered why this man had done this .. realised. or came to the conclusion that this was the man I was about to see, in a completely different part of the building and that he recognised me. I asked myself ow in the feck he knew who I was because at no point in my medical history had anyone taken a picture of me. At least not while I was conscious.

Of course he later turned out to the man I was about to see and someone I was in contact with at the time checked him out and told me all about Spire Healthcare.

I digress. Well in my defence it was something on TV and something that I covered and told the news media about years ago.

So I was tagged in something tonight.

The Work & Pensions Select Committee was contacted by me over a week ago .. in fact I had a response at the end of last week. They wanted to use my case and I blogged about it. I told them I would send a way better and more detailed report that would likely contain three times the data that I had already sent them. After all .. I only complained about UC and NEA. I did not go into details about DLA, PIP, IB and JSA along with HMCTS.

I then blogged that I did that.

I am sure that the powers that be have been trying to find a way to stop me for a very, very long time and I have seen instances where websites have been closed down. Even the infamous Calum's List is now gone but can be found on Facebook. That is no safe refuge either and I spoke to someone a few years back that was closing his Facebook page down because of threats from solicitors.

In fact is it not funny that all solicitor tend to do now is evil deeds? In my mind around 90% of the protect those with large amounts of money that invariably got up to no good. Those that are innocent tend to be the poorest and .. there is no recourse to justice anymore because justice commands a huge fee.

Yeah there are these 'pro bono' solicitors but you would stand a better chance of finding rocking horse shit! Where are they?

Five and a half years of blogging my guts out, uploading videos and audio recordings at my own expense .. putting up with my various issues and continuing on almost unabated. Where are all the contacts? Where are the offers of help? Advice even?

You start asking yourself whether or not 80% or more of he British populace are just amoral and just hide it from the public eye?

It may be too early to come to those conclusions and/or that may be because something else may be at play? Maybe the majority of the population is not .. amoral and maybe something is preventing the 'word' from getting out? Who knows?

So what was I tagged in?

It would appear that there is a

Victory for claimants as Government agrees to reform PIP & ESA process


But it is a start. I think?


So Atos, Capita and Maximus are going are they and half of the staff and heads at the DWP going to prison for breaking the laws and then manipulating and changing the laws so they can keep on causing suffering and .. well breaking the laws .. just the previous laws?!

Oh and that was the Parliament website and to do with the Work & Pensions Select Committee.

Just keeps on happening does it not? If you have not gone through my 3200+ posts you will note that things like this have occurred dozens of times.


I should have really done this weeks ago but .. with a new house and four children, two Autistic and one .. extremely disruptive, needy and wanting to be the centre of attention and screaming the place down and stamping is feet every time he is asked to go to bed .. it is bad.

The older one is nearing puberty too ..

So we think we, or rather they, are moving into a more, but not totally, suitable house.

The mother is tired all the time .. has sleep apnea, specific women's problem I will not divulge, Fibromyalgia that causes a long list of problems which is a sleep depravation disorder at the end of the day.

She is tired all the time and always doing something while four children are always at her feet demanding things.

I think there is some pyschology going on here because needy-boy was and still thinks he is the centre of the universe, has no problem with a sister two years his junior going to bed two hours before him but flips out if he is asked to go to bed before a brother that is five years older than him.

I have tried to explain this over and over but it just does not compute.

So .. I have been thinking long and hard as well as mentioning to the mother about things that would make her life easier.

  • Fortunately there is a large kitchen, three times bigger than the current one so ..
  • WALL UNITS out of reach and with doors because ..
    • If they see stuff the house gets screamed down until they get it and it is all gone!
  • CHILD GATES on the stairs and living room doorway
  • LOCKS for doors and cupboards
  • Way better and bigger COOKER
  • CARPETS .. for Five Story House with 3 Bedrooms
    • TELEVISIONS for the Autistic Children a must
    • TELEVISION for needy-boy
    • Because they all end up in mums bed who then cannot sleep and then has to get all these children up, dressed and to school on time!
  • Much Larger FRIDGE FREEZER.. it empties not long after being filled
  • SOFA
  • STAIN RESISTANT CLOTHING for two with Autism
  • A bloody CAR
  • CHILD CAR SEATS that Autistic Children cannot get out of
  • That then means CAR INSURANCE
  • Overpriced CAR TAX
  • Two Autistic children really show you that familiarity breeds content
  • Play things for what will be a real garden
  • Garden needs work soo GARDENING STUFF
  • PLAY THINGS LIKE SLIDES for Autistic children for garden
  • Garden SHED
  • New GARDEN DOOR with windows so children can be watched (only if it is decided the house is suitable at a later date)
  • PAINT for every single ROOM! LOL!
  • BOOKS ON CHILDREN WITH AUTISM (As there are no libraries left and no bloody time to go there because there is no bloody help & support!)
  • Set Up two Crowd Funders to Help where my own help is merely time and small amounts of what is left of my savings ..

People knowledgeable on children with Autism might know about other things, which we would be grateful to hear about in the comments.

Many of these got sacrificed because I needed to help with my family and move 250 miles away to a strange place I do not know and everyone feels .. different. With my own disability and heart and chest issues.

  • New PC BUILD with as many CPU cores as possible (12 to 16 AMD Threadripper)
    • For 42 Mega Pixel photo-editing and 4K video editing
    • Can be used for gaming I upload to my YouTube Channel
    • Home Broadband (using mobile currently – NOT VIRGIN!)
    • (All above was sacrificed)
  • AMD RYZEN 6 CORE LAPTOP (Photo Editing – Video Editing on the Move)
  • Sony 100-400mm A-Mount zoom lens (was sacrificed)
  • A MONTH IN PEAK DISTRICT (might not happen)
  • A MONTH IN SCOTLAND (was sacrificed)
  • A MONTH IN WALES (might not happen)
  • Trip to China with Camera (was sacrificed)
  • Car checked over .. CV Joint replacement, Top Up Cooling Bottle Replacement (was sacrificed)
  • Camera Flash (was sacrificed)
  • Typhoon H Camera Drone or Mavic Pro for Wildlife Photography and Birds Eye View Videos (was sacrificed)
  • Celestron Reflector Telescope of 8 Inches for Astrophotography and YouTube Channel and Astronomy Blog
  • Though I would be over the moon to just get my savings up a little (would kill anxiety issues) the PC Build, the 100-400mm zoom lens and car given the once over!
  • Set Up my own Patreon Account so people could donate .. thanks to the evil UK government and their lies, tricks and cheats ..

If only it got moving by just a few pounds, the crowd funding that is, so that I would give this mother something to feel positive about and some feeling of hope?