Thursday, 16 November 2017


Well I will be a monkey's uncle!

I have spoken several times about the Tory government and how they have manipulated figures to fir their agenda and have known damn well they are doing it.

This is over their welfare reform and time after time after time they have stated that their reforms have been helping people back into work.

Well .. first off they have been forcing people back into work.

Well .. actually .. no .. it is not quite how they make it out to be.

You see what it is that they use and manipulate is the numbers on benefits going down .. it does NOT follow that these numbers are all getting back into work.

You see there are other reasons that the numbers of people claiming benefits have gone down .. like when they .. die.

I have attempted to point out this obvious fact in the past and when I was told about Calum's List I posted about it and have repeatedly referred to it in subsequent posts.

This is the deliberate mistake that .. everyone .. seems to miss?

From the tabloids to TV News and right up to those that put themselves up as champions to the people like .. for instance .. Jeremy Corbyn?

It would have been very easy and understandable to have people come to my posts, click on the link to Calum's List and decide it was made up by some tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. I likely would have done.

Except .. well now it seems to have come out .. in a report by The Independent newspaper. I am not sure currently if it states that the details were from Calum's List. Maybe they do not mention the lists name and maybe that is because they did not retrieve the details form there?

I dunno .. maybe some other corruption blog somewhere was used to get the details and maybe it was a blog that Members of Parliament and tabloids were already using to come up with their own stories that they have done since as far back as January 2013?

Sorry .. I had to .. pause. I did so to look at my daughter and say something that occurred to me while I was typing .. you see .. something very odd happened today .. in fact two odd things happened and something odd happened yesterday too.

I saw a Doctor after a horrific early morning anxiety attack turned into one hell of a meltdown of a level I wont forget in a hurry.

I kind of reacted .. as I do in these circumstances.

Well the Doctor visit went .. way, way better than expected and I was given diazepam ans he was worried about the 'meltdowns' as he called them and at the same time was shocked that previous hospitals and GP's had done nothing about the chest pain, tightness, breathlessness and heart palpitations. The diazepam was to help relax the muscles to prevent this as well as stop the anxiety.

Yeah .. I am being referred via some rapid-fire .. referral thing to a cardiologist over my heart.

Yeah he was .. worried.

He was also .. shocked. When I explained what I had, Fibromyalgia, a dozen of the worst symptoms and that I was here to help my daughter and grandchildren while being very far away for home he was shocked. The autism thing shocked him further. As did the fact that I was taken off disability twice and that they set me up for NEA and then pulled that carpet from under me just prior to relocating.

Then there was today .. where I met someone at the Job Centre in Birkenhead and .. well .. you could not meet a man more understanding of someone's plight and .. burdens.

In fact it was truly weirder than even being nice as .. he stated that he was aware that I had bred Red-Eyed Tree Frogs?! "Just how did you know that?" He likes to research his .. clients, for want of a better term.

I was put on 48 hours a week which was something I intended to 'have out' with them today .. except .. I was suddenly put onto 24 in the interim period between .. appointments.

He was surprised I had a Jobsearch account previous.

He told me t ot bther looking for a job and to get myself settled and used to the area. He said that I had a lot on and even asked me how my visit to the Doctor went, which was the previous afternoon.

Wait, what?!

Then he did something else .. he took that 24 hour a week work period which was 48 hours a week two weeks previous and he .. well he .. cut it down by more than half?! To ten hours a week!

OK .. OK .. someone pinch me?! How about someone go looking for Jeremy Beadle and give him a swift kick to the nether regions.

What the actual .. feck?!

More and more understanding was coming my way so thick and fast I felt I was in white water and was seriously needing a canoe!

I had just gotten over explaining all this to my shocked daughter who still had not gotten over the open and friendly chat I had with my new GP the day before.

Then my phone rang! LOL!

The Patient's Association want to speak to me! I told them I was not feeling suicidal any longer but had anxiety and that the could call me back tomorrow.

Well where was Jeremy Corbyn while this list of Calum's remained in the public domain?

How long will it be before he brings up what has now become the worst kept secret in politics?

You would think that if he stands for the things that he claims that he does that he might say something about this and that it would be a bit stronger a demand than 'you should pause Universal Credit roll-out'?

During a pause from typing this out to eat with my daughter I had another phone-call. This one was from a Newcastle number. God only knows who that is.


What a roller-coaster ride of a few days? I have had some bad moments and mostly bad mornings since I have been here but .. yesterday morning? Ooh boy!

Then this was followed by the coolest waiting room music I have ever heard and I just remembered that I was meant to ask the staff what the music was called?!

Then one of the coolest first meetings with a GP I have ever had, followed by a complete understanding along with total shock of my current situation. Then more shock at the description of my chest pains, tightness and heart palpitations and irregular heart beat signal repeating on my blood pressure monitor. Then some Diazepam .. no .. a lot of Diazepam. Then some rapid appointment referral regarding my heart issues.

Then the weirdest meeting I have ever had with absolutely anyone in any Job Centre anywhere and that is saying something. And then some.

I bet there are a few fans and one or two people, one professional woman springs to mind, that are or will be reading this at some point, that will say to themselves ..


I continuously promised though more of a prediction that I would end up right in the thick of things at some point in the near future.

I am in that place as of right now and the set of things and failures that have occurred thus far are nothing short of shocking and eye-opening.

At seeing my daughter's shocked reaction I then said ..

"Well these are the things as well as the signs I expected to see not long after I got here. I have finally seen these signs and suddenly .. I am feeling confident again. Some people are most definitely talking about me."

Or I just met who must be one of the most understanding and sympathetic members of staff of any JOb Centre .. anywhere?! Ever?! It was even suggested to me that I re-apply for the disability benefit known as Personal Independent Payments?! Yeah .. absolutely no joking around here.

Plus I saw that article in The Guardian stating that a housing association in Grimsby in the North East of England had preemptively sent out possession orders, notice of possession or whatever, before letters from the DWP to claimants informing them of their imminent switch-over to Universal Credit.

The owner stated that so many problems have come from Universal Credit and it takes them so long to pa out that if he had to wait 8 weeks or more from all of his tenants .. well he would go bankrupt.

He stated that he was happy this was being highlighted in the media to help the poor and vulnerable in society. Yeah, sure mate .. that is why you sent out eviction notices.

It gets better when the area that was used and a 'pilot scheme' for Universal Credit, Croydon, had representatives state that basically a pilot scheme is where you test something and the government never came back to them. They stated that if the government had come back to them, and the scheme had indeed been a pilot scheme, then they would have told them to stop rolling it out as it has caused a whole feck ton of problems.

Oh dear.

Austerity Death Study Report as reported in The Guardian ..

Disabled people are not too overjoyed about the way they have been treated either while I have been discovering more and more that they have not only been ignoring vulnerable children with special needs but removing all support, as it appears to me, which only has a disruptive effect on all the other children too.

Here is a Facebook page with a good banner about the Tories ..

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


I am at the end of a terrible night. One of the worst I think I have had in a long time, despite a flurry of bad night lately. Plus the ones I have had previously.

A break down, want to end yourself, think your going to have a heart attack kind of night. Well .. rather the morning. Somewhere around 4.30am

Oh Jesus effing Christ these are the times when your under no doubt that Fibromyalgia is one of the worst conditions in the world .. at least it is in my case.

I was having chest pains along with anxiety attacks of the white knuckle fear variety. I still am and am typing this out to take my mind of it.

But last night when I first went to sleep I used something I have wanted to and not been able to for a couple of months. The very thing I was using successfully prior to relocating here. I did this because I decided it it was time I spent my first night in my new flat and .. umm .. it went well at first and then went wrong.

Cannabis. I had decided to give it another trial a couple months back and all went swimmingly and I would smoke before bed and sleep better than I normally do, with symptoms somewhat milder.

But .. I have this anxiety problem associated with my Fibromyalgia that can be so bad it can switch off your legs, without warning, which some call 'Fibromyalgia Rubber Legs'.

Why does the thought of death appeal so much at times like this?

As has been so often in the past and recurring of late .. my anxiety seems to strike at its worst time around 4am or so while I am asleep.

I was stating to my daughter the the day who has experienced milder forms of this that it is completely insane just how it can affect you when your asleep.

This returning anxiety was really not expected. It was also not welcome and had only affected me a couple of days after I got here.

It was also the one thing I had that made me desire my go-to off the shelf drug so much lately.

Right now I never want to touch it again!

I awoke in a bit of a panic around 4am and then went for the drug, which had gotten me nicely off to sleep just four hours or so earlier.

Everything was OK at first but then my worries started flashing through my mind and the next thing? Boom! I could feel an uncomfortable feeling in my chest too. I kept clutching it and squeezing it.

It is something I do not understand as I cannot see how things that should not affect me that much are taken and on the fear scale are turned up to eleven!

If I had known six weeks ago that I would be getting these constant anxiety attacks, chest pains and that night which was actually this morning .. I would never have relocated. Never.

I honestly did not expect this .. though to be fair ..

.. it is the horrid and evil government and their thugs that are the public services that have caused this.

  • The NHS in failing to spot, identify and deal with my various health conditions
  • The Local Councils for complete lack of support, while demanding money
  • The DWP for failing to help people who are both vulnerable and suffering

Oh yeah .. what I call the 'Evil Trinity' because my life has been a living hell for over ten years, though thankfully not constantly. Just mostly.

I have trouble seeing a way out of this. It is things like this that only compound the problem too!

I have bee seriously, seriously affected by my short term memory issues since I have been here to the point that I have suffered. This is not yet over and added to this I have forgotten to take my pills from time to time, which might be what my issue is right now. Only I now do not want to put that to the test. Because I fear of that test failing and having another morning like this morning.

It is a vicious circle you can not break free from.

Except .. I have that appointment today.

It has been my intention for awhile that I acquire something better than what I am taking or I up the dosage of what I am taking. Prescription wise. The off-the-shelf option is most definitely and utterly out!

But I sit here worried that it was not the dug that made things worse and that something just as intense as that may occur again?

Good God I am still waiting for this to die down!

To think I was longing to start spending nights in this flat for weeks now? Does this mean my time now runs from being around four children that wear the hell out of you, two youngest are autistic, and periods of anxiety attacks and suicidal thoughts?

I simply have not been able to keep track of things since I have been here. My memory caused me to forget important things and documents and despite reaching out to correct these many have not been sorted out. Throw in my memory, new surroundings, two autistic children, one problem child and one other. Then throw in the fact that my daughter is suffering many of my symptoms, has this recurring blood clot in the leg and some discolouration which is worrying and then throw in the 'Evil Trinity' and it is a recipe for disaster. One I certainly did not foresee being anywhere near this bad.

Right now I am terrified that a second attempt to spend a night here might result in the same thing happening?

I also always focus on the worst case scenario with my fears because it is the worst case scenario I normally end up with.

You can get sympathetic to sufferers of many different ailments when you have Fibromyalgia and of my sympathies ..

  • Those with mental disorders that cause anxiety anywhere near this bad
  • Sufferers of Plantar fasciitis, because of the pain and lack of understanding from others
  • Sufferer's of Alzheimer's Disease because of the memory
  • Sufferer's of stomach pain causing disorders ..
  • Sufferer's of things that cause bad toilet issues
  • Sufferer's of bad hearts .. due to the chest pain and tight feeling along with getting out of breath
  • Sufferer's of heart attacks as that is what my heartburn has been like on occasion

But then sometimes I stop and think about it and realise that I have to deal with all of these. I often forget about how many things I have because I am always forgetting and/or focused on the one that is affecting me at the time.

The odd thing is that a few hours before retreating to my new flat I had actually emailed several solicitor listed by Google to handle welfare rights and benefit law. One emailed at 8.30am, while I was typing this, to state that they only deal with benefit fraud. At least I think it said 'fraud'?

I thought that getting a disability solicitor over a year ago would help and they would be better at keeping me informed at what is going on. They have at least been .. understanding .. though this only makes their lack of keeping me informed or doing anything somewhat .. confusing .. which only occurs to me after I had been through a hard time. I have had several hard times .. and that is an understatement.

The very weird thing is that you would think that these .. horrid events would then drive me but within a few hours of it passing I forget about it, or at least forget about how intense it was.

Then the rest of the time I am just normally forgetting and then there are the moments where I do recall and that causes my to have anxiety over the fact I have not sorted anything out yet.

So many ever decreasing circles!

I have now emailed Disability Rights UK and given them the same report that I have the others, in the event that I fail to find someone to help.

That in there is the actual issue .. finding someone to help .. that does not take too long .. someone that can assure me it will all be sorted out and before I run out of time.

I know it is a disorder of the pain and emotional signals .. I know what sets them off .. most of the time but it is all so bloody confusing to me.

How can the human body by so messed up that it can cause itself so much pain over things that are not .. or mostly not, life-threatening? To the point you then actually want to take your own life?

See? It makes no bloody sense.

Sunday, 12 November 2017


Well it just keeps on giving, does it not?

When the plans for this Universal Credit crap were first laid out I covered it in detail and have done ever since.

As I recall the claim was by David Cameron was that it would make things much fairer and ore efficient.

Now this is what I said at the time .. the idea was a good one .. provided .. he was telling the truth but that I was concerned that a sudden big plan to change things around was just an excuse to fuck over the jobless, working classes (as they would inevitable require benefits even for short periods) and disabled people.

If I also recall it was supposed to be all in place, completed by April? April around four years back was the original claim and I stated t the time that this would simply not be achievable.

Four years on and it has not been achieved just as I stated way back when.

In fact a Guardian Newspaper report linked below states that it was delivered ten years after it was promised?!

Could you imagine doing a job for someone, whatever it may be, and quoting them two years and it ends up being ten years?! You simply would not get away with it. Anyone in their right id would not pay them. You would take them to court!

Bloody good job they were not responsible for building the Olympic Park! We would still be waiting for the games to start! Not that I watch them Olympic Games .. because .. well, I don't.

Here is another quote ..

The project was bedevilled by a Tory determination to make the poor suffer the brunt of a fiscal adjustment after the 2008 financial crash.

Oops. Except .. the financial crash was not their fault.

So hit is how it is, is it?

If you was a small child and you made a mistake and a potentially dangerous one yu would get chastised in some way. Years ago it might have been a smack. These days they have something taken away. Like their Xboxes and PS4's. Chastising or punishing was seen as absolutely necessary to make them learn that something is wrong or even dangerous. The goal of said punishment was to stop them from ever doing it again. No punishment and they simply would not only do it again but continue to do it.

Where was the punishment in all this?

“Oh we are going to take that away from you and make you do this! Nahhh .. not really .. we jut wanted 95% of the public to make it look like we could do something if you ever do it again. But don't worry .. we wont .. even if you do it again. Golf at the weekend?”

Yeah that is about as far as it went in most people's eyes.

As if the cuts and the removal of council tax benefit was not enough .. they started to look at your bank accounts to check what you were buying and absolutely anything seen as a luxury item was deducted from any future benefits. I can almost guarantee this is what is about to happen to me .. despite me buying almost everything they not only put the 'OK' to but asked me to.

“Oh, come to us we will help you start your own business!”

Yeah .. they pretty much killed that too when they cancelled everything else I had at the thirteenth and NOT the eleventh hour.

I am in the middle of several family crises that are all very big and I have this mess to sort out as well.

That is their idea of helping!

Of course the wankers with way too high opinions of themselves still have not worked out that I was covering this all on this blog as it was going along.

But then maybe they figured that out at the last minute and thought that by pulling the rug from under me, though it was in a very public way, would force me to stop?

No you fecking morons .. you only stopped me from spending time out with a camera taking photographs of wildlife and landscapes as that was the main part of the plan and why I spent soo much money on camera equipment.

All the have done is forced me to spend that time otherwise filming and photographing into thinking of ways to rip them a new one or indeed, ripping them a new one!

Jesus .. please excuse me while I do a face-palm?

Also interesting on that Guardian webpage is a quote from a book called The Blunders of our Governments by Ivor Crewe and Tony King that basically says that if the machine (government) is not capable of grandiose projects they should give up and mend what they have done and walk away. But they just keep on going, don't they? Well I guess it should be expected as they did not get that proverbial beating as punishment for doing things wrong or lying to us all.

The very first comment has the words “The DWP do not care about the truth” included within it in its very first sentence!

The second comment and a reply to the first has something that goes a very long way to explain how I have found it so hard and why I constantly ask what percentage of the British pubic is now amoral ..

Who needs facts and evidence when you have a prejudiced and corrupt media to cover it up for you?

How about a comment from someone that covers something that absolutely no one did in either this Tory government, the last Tory Government or the fecking Blair Government before that? ..

Being allowed to keep only 35p in every £1 earned could be quite some disincentive if it means it takes several hours of work just to cover your travel expenses?

MATHS?! Bloody hell, someone call Theresa May, quick sharp!


So this is the legacy of Mr Iain Duncan-Smith? Well .. really it is David Cameron's but I have heard to many bad things about IDS from people that worked either, with him or for him that I am more than happy to credit him with the thing. Despite jumping ship before the cattle brands were out.

What really bothers me is how this was all implemented in the first instance? I mean .. look at it? I simply cannot believe that they implemented something that was going to take a decade? That is just weird considering the maximum


Well .. finally something that had occurred in Poland over the immigrants pouring into the country, is being covered by the BBC?!


I suppose when I think about it .. they can only ever ignore stories gong on somewhere for so long?
I've seen dozens of videos regarding issues in Poland and all specifically to do with the influx of immigrants. Over many, many months too.

Yet despite all that I have seen and the many months that have gone by I've seen nothing in the mainstream news media. Until now.

In this report it states that an estimated, according to the Police, 60,000 people marched in protest of the immigrants in Poland's capital, Warsaw. Though with numbers this high it's hard to get it right and one person stated that he estimated there were 50,000 to 100,000 football hooligans.

An odd statement. What football hooligans aren't allowed an opinion? I take it they are not allowed to vote then either? Also .. well surely this person wasn't an idiot and was trying to claim that all of them were football hooligans? If they wasn't so we take it the numbers could be closer to somewhere between 80,000 and 150,000? Making the comparison I point out below even more contrasting.

There are two things to note from this report ..

First off the usual tactic of labelling everyone in the march as racist has not occurred. It was reported that only 30% of them held anything in the way of extremist views.

Secondly .. there was a counter protest .. except this second march only consisted of 2,000 people.

So 60,000 to 2,000? That's a pretty big gap!

I'm also expecting that much of that second march would be made up of a number of people that aren't Polish? Maybe? Possibly?

I often think of it being the younger generation, from 14 to 25, that are naive to the damage an indication influx of Muslims will have on their country. Except in this report a man who was 21 years of age stated that the march is important because they don't want to see the Islamisation of Europe, especially Poland.

I can't think of a time when so many things were a severe problem all at the same time?

1 The Financial Crisis.
2 Influx of Immigrants.
3 Constant exposing of governments lying, the UK at the very least.
4 Health Service lying, cheating, not treating or diagnosing most of the time and still getting paid.
5 After years of patronising the poor and benefit claimants almost everyone else has been found guilty of looks to be avoiding paying tax. As seen in the Paradise Papers leak.
6 Big companies have been avoiding Corporation Tax.
7 The Hollywood sex scandals that just keep on coming!
8 Police cover ups from the Muslim paedophile rings to Members of Parliament. Not forgetting Hillsborough.
9 Brexit, which seemed straightforward but becoming a problem because the EU obviously still want to screw cash out of us
10 Social Welfare reform fuck up that just keeps on running
11 Ever more obvious avoidance of the mainstream media to cover serious stories .. out doing so fucking late

The list could go on.

It also wouldn't include the completely mad sounding theories that may turn out to be true ..

Like Donald Trump and the Russians or Hillary Clinton and that pizza-gate madness.

There is also potentially a lot of stuff that didn't get reported in the WikiLeaks saga?

Also the Julian Assange ongoing saga.

Edward Snowden saga.

Still things to come out of the Paradise Papers saga?

While that last one still has things to be revealed there is also the possibility that other breaking and damaging news reports could surface?

But I find myself now asking about breaking points and wonder if we are getting closer one?

I also ask myself whether anyone else is getting closer to theirs? Poland certainly seems to be and there are a couple of other countries I'm sure aren't that far behind them? Hungary and the Czech Republic being just two.

Of course and like almost everything else .. these protests are about religion. I am not in any way religious, it hurts to know my grandchildren attend religious schools, but I know which side of that protest I would be on.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Warsaw nationalist march draws tens of thousands -


I never thought things would get anywhere near as bad as they are.

I'm currently in a situation where two members of my own family who are just young children have been diagnosed with Autism. Not one, which was bad enough, but two.

I made a sacrifice, fought and still fighting against my health issues and anxiety to be here and have been here over a month.

The first visit and decision was made around six weeks ago.

It has cost me money I hadn't budgeted for in a time where I was spending a lot of money to effectively start my own business and go self employed which I was then stabbed in the back over by the Job Centre and DWP.

Yet the odd thing is that I've made this move because of my family being stabbed in the back by the NHS, local council and DWP.

I've realised the schools are not too fucking great either, since I've arrived.

I've also been informed that a sufferer of diabetes I know back in London who had already lost one leg had his disability money stopped. Told to me by another diabetes sufferer I know who thought nothing would happen to people with diabetes. Who himself was put out of work over two years ago. 

Who previously was a social worker for 25 odd years.

So even the professionals are being affected now, little by little and one by one. No one will escape this the way it is going.

But it still came as a surprise to read in a BBC News report linked below of Hayley Smallman and the despicable way she is treated over her daughter Holly Smallman.

Holly is afflicted with some complex health issues that are both life-limiting and life-threatening and yet there is no support available out of hours?!

What I find most interesting about the report is that Hayley Smallman states something I have constantly stated for well over five years now ..

"I am not a clinician"

It's staggering that over time we have been expected to be ever better specialists when it comes to health. We should be able to self-diagnose and identify whether what it is that affects us is an emergency or not!

I myself had to self-diagnose after getting fed up of asking a long line of clueless Doctors over a period of 13 plus years what I was afflicted with.

After having my own diagnosis confirmed by Guy's Hospital after some blockades to prevent this diagnosis I then realised symptoms I'd been having over 20 years were down to this Fibromyalgia Syndrome nonsense.

To make things worse my daughter has been having almost all the same symptoms as me even down to the short term memory problems. Yet she has not been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia despite the fact that she has a particularly dangerous symptom that I do not. Well as far as I know. Recurring blood clot in the legs.

In case you were wondering ..

Yup .. two of her children, my grandchildren, are the ones awaiting a diagnosis for Autism we were first told about a couple of months ago.

Added to this I'm expected to find out in a couple of days that I'm being stabbed in the back again ..

Despite me making the sacrifice and far flung relocation while suffering myself to help my family. 

My family the public services have been fucking over for years now.

Even Wirral Council have been sending social workers here but actually do nothing. In fact I'm pretty darn sure that Wirral Council are doing this to look for things. They were previously  chastised over my daughter and, of you look, have been declared as inadequate by Ofsted themselves.

As these bodies are reluctant to give such rulings on the public service they .. watch .. things must have been bad?

Except .. what has happened since they were declared inadequate? Well if anything had happened, of anything had improved then I'm sure the locals would have informed me.

Yet from what I understand many mothers still live in fear of social workers and the council.

So I am now in a family of six and only two of those are not disabled ..

  • Me, grandfather .. Fibromylagia with foot pain, short term memory loss, high blood pressure (Hypertension Stage 2), postural hypertension, irregular heart beat, anxiety attacks, back pain, chest pains and many others
  • Daughter .. Fibromyalgia is one I now recognise and many symptoms I experience plus a recurring blood clot o her leg
  • Two grandchildren out of four to be imminently, at least I hope it is imminent as it has been six weeks or more, diagnosed with Autism .. just an audiology test to do on each

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: 'I'm dealing with life-threatening situations - but I'm not a clinician, I'm a mum' -


Well this one was .. shocking!

I've long and often spoke about the types of people there are out there. There are those that have common sense, intelligence and morals. There are those with the above traits but are naive, normally the ones ultimately responsible for things remaining the same. Then there are the amoral crowd.

Some people seem to change. I have a Tory hating friend who often sounds like a Tory.

But tonight .. I see this story on the BBC News App about someone who left a note on the windscreen of an ambulance.

Did it say something like "help, in having a heart attack at 221b"? No.

Did it say "I see someone collapse through their window I'm afraid they might be having a heart attack or stroke"? Nope.

It stated "You may be saving lives but don't park your van in a stupid place and block my drive"?!
'Van'? Not too bright either then?

Of course .. out could turn out that it was in a place where the local council are just complete bastards when it comes to parking and giving out tickets?

Don't even get me started on the costs and the horrors of motoring today!

This wasn't even London. Though it was a place called Small Heath in Birmingham. Could be a place where parking could be a living nightmare?

The trouble is when people are forced to live a miserable life that only gets worse while being guilt tripped into not saying anything about anything due to unfair labels being applied .. well it will turn almost anyone will turn amoral.

Yes being helpful and making sacrifices for others while everyone is waiting to rip a piece of you every five minutes .. wears somewhat thin in the end.

So I don't know if Britain was just full of naive people and amoral people all along? Or whether or not this number had been rising because amoral people have been created?

I would like to see a a series of referendums just to see what the majority of people think on certain subjects .. certain .. important subjects .. like

  • Welfare state as regards to the jobless
  • Welfare State as regards to disabled people
  • The NHS and the way it is run
  • Who would like to see politicians deal with things instead of putting them off?
  • Who thinks there is enough transparency?
  • Who is pissed off with the recent revelations in the Paradise Papers about those wan .. people avoiding taxes being the ones that lecture us on budgeting?
Oh? There as supposed to be just three things but .. I .. got a little carried away .. LOL!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: 'Don't block my drive' note left on ambulance -

Thursday, 9 November 2017


I have been thinking a lot lately.

Admittedly I've a shed load of stuff going on I've not fully divulged and done serious things still ongoing.

There's been some big revelations regarding Universal Credit and now the Paradise Papers and oddly enough this latest blog post links those two things.

So it would m that if you don't have enough to simply get by everyone had the right to patronise you, insult you and decide that without a state, and therefore absolutely no civilized society, that a trillion pounds are paid off overnight. Of course everyone's taxes get cut in half overnight too. Plus their property prices go back to rocketing despite being in unrealistic territory.

A woman recently stated to me that she simply cannot believe how stupid everyone is, though I used the term 'naive'. I also stated that they could well stupid as they make these harsh comments on tabloid sites without actually doing the maths.

Well .. let's be honest here .. there really is no maths involved. The numbers are so far out of touch that you don't even need the exact figures.
That's how naive many people appear to be after seeing 90% of people that connected on The Guardian's  website over a letter from housing benefit arrived at someone's house stating that the recipient was hated.

It would appear that either most of the British population feel the same, or in other words bloody amoral unless your born in another country. Or just about everyone that works for local government, it the jobsworths among them, or public office in general went on their to make it appear .. as if the whole country agrees with the council or hates benefit claimants.

Yeah a few hundred or even a few dozen people commenting and up-voting could give the impression the UK is full of fucking idiotic and amoral people.


But .. I've also had people tell me that no one will react to the revelations about three rich and the celebrities avoiding large amounts of tax?!

That's worrying.

It also demonstrates once again that those most influential in society along with those in positions of making life changing .. no making rules that make so many people's lives miserable and celebrities, who also have a weird influence on weak minded people, simply cannot do fucking basic addition?!

They lecture people on how you pay for all your rent, food, bid yet they have all been avoiding posting tax and stashing cash away.

But .. wait a minute? Your an individual, with four arms and legs .. you be to eat, sleep, work (or not as the case may be), own a house and a car .. sooo ...

I'm extremely keen to ask each and every one of the people quite how they need sooo much money and .. WHY the fuck they feel that they should not pay taxes .. when poor people and benefit claimants so even on the minimum money they get??

So how about just a little tiny bit of perspective?

A 38 year old mother of four children dies alone, freezing to death in her home after the extremely evil DWP stopped her benefits because she failed to turn up for a meeting because she was too I'll?!

I kid you not.

All fucking amoral arseholes can now go and explain their naive and amoral attitudes to the four children now without a mother and the woman's parents!!

This is the sort of stories I've been trying to prevent from happening but I guess people will continue to be fucking stupid, fucking terrible at maths while insisting that they are right. If your amoral, trust me no one is going to give a flying fuck if your right or not!

The victim's name is Elaine Morrall and her mother is Linda and Elaine lived in and was found in Runcorn. Not a million miles away from where I am now sitting!

Linda posted a letter on Facebook that states "How many people have got to die before this government realises it is killing vulnerable people?"
Sorry but this is where most people are a little naive ..

The government know they are killing vulnerable people and have known this for a very, very long time!

I also believe it's what they want to reduce the welfare bill permanently .. while at the the exact same time using the reduced numbers claiming benefits to make it look like they have been putting people back in work.

When these so-called TV experts are going to be reprimanded for using one single solitary figure  and making all the wrong conclusions from them, God only knows?!

As for the helping people back to work, helping those that want to help themselves and helping and awarding rise that help others .. well ..
I'm working on something. I've been working on something for well over six months and I can honestly tell you right now that not only is it close to a big finish .. it's going to be good too.

Unless your blind or new I've been helping people for over five years now. I was also in a eight week long process to start my own business. A process so full of shit it's dinky not true and a process that the DWP and Job Centre pulled out of at, not the eleventh hour but the, thirteenth hour based on a bare-faced lie and we turn followed by several other bare-faced lies.

But that's not the best bit and wait until you've heard the full story of the last week..

• Mistakes by insurance company ends up with car unpinned
• Attempt to save a young man's life after an attempted murder which then became a full on murder investigation when the man died• Several masked young men in rental car and boot full of weapons rampage through a school• Let down by one useless woman and sulking immature make friend ends up with daughter and four children in car trying to get to Doctors to get them to diagnose the same disability I have they avoided diagnosing for years .. leading to ..• Brand new Pirelli Scorpion tyre on my Land Rover Discovery suddenly failing catastrophically while on a motorway .. tyre ripped all the way around on the inside tyre wall• Leading to limping to petrol station where two autistic children not even supposed to be with us having meltdowns and wandering around a petrol station• Children I sacrificed time and money as well as moving to a place I really, really didn't want to move to do that I could help them because I know every single public service won't .. and have NOT!!This is absolutely no fucking joke and it's nowhere near all because ..• After stabbing me in the back more times than I can think the evil that is the DWP along with their complete lie that they are helping people back into work will, guaranteed, once again stab me in the back.
• Prove what I stated about domestic violence
• Soon prove that there are two autistic children, one problem child and yet another
• That the DWP and Job Centre not only knew about my plans but agreed to it and then poured the plug a week after I was supposed to go self-employed
• That despite this the Job Centre and DWP knew about the domestic violence and autism diagnosis
• Because I have all the emails from all of it and .. I have every .. single ... meeting, signing on, Jobcoach meet and NEA meeting recorded and every email too

However .. this time it will be somewhat .. different.
This is because ..
• I can easily prove I made the sacrifice

Meanwhile we are wondering if my tyres have been sabotaged, I was sold fake Pirelli Scorpion ATS tyres by a tyre fitter in Lancaster Road, Enfield or .. Pirelli Scorpions are catastrophically bad tyres?!

Next few weeks are going to be mind blowing and I'm missing tens of thousands of pounds in cash too because I was robbed of it just prior to my long distance relocation be a thieving, manipulating and lying family member.

Go figure!

I've wanted to die more times than I care to remember. I now find out my one and only child has get the exact same. We now know she has the exact same symptoms and therefore the she disability as me. But we are the only ones that four children are dependent on.

I .. fucking kid you .. not!

I've been holding out on many of the things listed and an still holding out on many others.

But not for much longer!

But .. where are these stories when it comes to the mainstream media? After the for story we had ask did week and the tyre fiasco today my daughter saw that story about the deaf mother and rushed to me and said ", Why isn't this story on the TV?!"

Why indeed?!

Not drastic enough because it only matters if the sufferers are foreign or there is a significant number of sufferers .. or dead people.

In other words you have to suffer very drastically or have enough people suffering drastically.

I would not want to be anyone associated with the mainstream media over the next couple of years. They think it's been bad recently? It will get worse.

Unless, of course, the majority of the British public really are amoral?

Even if this proves to be the case .. then the country is going to fuck up it's image, or what's left of it, with the rest of the world. If they haven't succeeded in this endeavour already.

A current situation also exists where Wirral Council is pointing the finger at a children's nursery in Birkenhead and a member of staff at the children's nursery has stated ..

"I have put in a complaint regarding Wirral Council, I am not having them turn this around on us!"

A missing social worker suddenly appeared that has been missing for over a week literally a coupe of hours after an email was sent with an official complaint and a copy of this printed out on a letter was handed over in person.

What they do not know as of yet is that due to the lack of getting anywhere with absolutely anyone, so-called advice agencies included, I have now emailed Frank Field MP, who has a dislike for the way things are and the DWP, and a meeting should take place tomorrow. But then an appointment should have taken place with a Doctor yesterday that did not. I have only been trying to get this done since I got here.

What is the appointment for? Oh nothing much .. just the fact that not only has my daughter's Fibromyalgia been ignored for years as mine has done but .. in her case she has now had a series of blood clots in her legs that is not only linked to Fibromyalgia but when it repeats it is more likely to spread to her lungs. Which is fucking deadly if you are not aware of that.

I am thinking they might have already known this as they have been keen to get my daughter into the surgery. But they have not told her and not taken into consideration that she has a condition that causes memory lapses, I have witnessed it and she is just like me, just been victim to serious domestic violence and still gets phone-calls from prison from the perpetrator and has two autistic children out of four and these two, along with one other child, cause immense distraction, are destructive, have meltdowns that cause large supermarkets to apparently freeze time and .. a host of other things besides.

My daughter has now found the link between her repeated blood clot and Fibromyalgia on her own and .. she is somewhat concerned and rightfully so .. because this has been ignored and time and fatal conditions do not make good bedfellows! 

I am still yet to speak to a Doctor who managed to make an appointment the same day as a Job Centre arranged visit. I have not even managed to check the times of each appointment to see if I can manage to get to both?!

I have explained my own situation to Frank Field MP, being cut off by the DWP and Job Centre after being deliberately led down the garden path.

Oh and an acquaintance of mine and a friend of a friend and a teacher/scientist with one leg missing from his Type, whatever the bad one is, diabetes had his DLA/PIP stopped. This mutual friend also has the same diabetes and still has all his limbs. he was the one that stated to me a few years back that they would never go after anyone with diabetes "because you can die from it". I bet he is concerned now? Funny too as he was a social worker for Camden Council for somewhere between 20 and 25 years and gave it up years ago because they are lying twats.

Just some inside information and that is that before the financial crisis even started they would lie and stall to save money. One client dying of cancer was stalled over and over again and they send back returns to the social workers stating "more information needed"! In the end he got so fed up he called them and asked "You have everything! What do you want, his fucking shoe size?!"

Maybe after we are all found dead .. someone somewhere might give a crap?!