Thursday, 22 November 2012

Very & Littlewoods BIZARRE BEHAVIOUR

OK an unexpected one this but while fresh in my mind from what just happened I thought I would post something up before I go to bed...

Very, as always, have resisted speaking to me and ignoring me for some time over my second hand and faulty phone (worth £170 if that IF NOT FAULTY) and told me it was new and for £350 BEFORE INTEREST.

If you do not know its been a real pain in the effing arse not only to me but anyone trying to contact or even communicate via talk OR text. Being often told to throw it in the bin?! Yeah right!!

Around 40 correspondences where I got angry and I was accused of using a BOT PROGRAM to send them emails, morons. After a suspicion the phone was USED and not sourced from the UK they denied this but it was then confirmed by Motorola via email?!

Not only did it start showing faults it started to mount them up and only the last couple of days there is a new one!

I filmed the phone and took photos of its faults and waited for the best time and put them as the first videos ever up on my YouTube account. I contacted the OFT (not interested) and ASA (not interested after initially saying they were and the contradicted themselves... oh fuck it they LIED!! LOL!
 I contacted everyone and even CAB but but no one seemed to have any powers to do jack shit and Shop Direct KNEW THIS which is why they and everyone else I have attacked herein not only gets away with it but is so brash about it.

Only when they saw the YouTube videos, I did not know they had a YouTube account honest, they asked me to get in contact but when I did and they realised who I was they clammed up and I got the same response.

Now here is the thing and I was just having a conversation with someone today and his family themselves use mail order catalogues and have been gobsmacked at the evidence I have shown them...

I strongly believe this behaviour is RIFE with these companies and shop direct especially. As some of you know I purchased a Sony Walkman and love it and had wondered about getting some really classy headphones for it, audiophile headphones.

I had long been the admirer of Shure Headphones and was aware of Monster and Beats (who are Monster). As stated elsewhere on other blogs I had previously admired and owned TWO Sennheiser devices, an fancy and expensive bluetooth headset which FAILED after three months and then CX-400 II headphones with the right earpiece failing after 3 weeks?! So I thought no Sennheisers ever again as they did not answer a couple of emails I sent them?! Nice. Legalised robbery it seems to me today. Anyway...

Reading on the reviews of my ever faithful Amazon I noted that the Beats and the Monster Cables also have a history of failing earpieces and these things costing over £100 and up to £400 and all seemed to be being affected?! I thought how the hell has it come to the stage where you pay hundreds for products made like shit and fail in a few weeks and you get jack?!?!

Anyway sometime ago I had looked at Littlewoods and Very for headphones and they did a fair few but what did I realise? All the models they do are all the ones that have a bad history of failing?! In our arguments over the phone, well I say arguments you need the other side to actually say something for it to be classed as such, I mentioned this and I even emailed Nikon about the digital camera I had bought!!

Now I was telling a friend today that I had flicked through a Littlewoods catalogue and to my surprise all the headphones seem to be missing?! He said that is odd and I told him I had asked them why they only had the models that are notorious for going wrong?! Of course I got no answer!!

Well out of curiosity I went on both sites tonight to just look and they are all there and then some. In fact as I was looking through, yes still the ones known for failing, I started to notice some discrepancies! I had three or four tabs up with Monster Turbine Pros of differing prices and I was flicking from tab to tab when I started to realise all these headphones were curiously similar but with different pictures. They were the SAME headphones?! Even more bizarre was the fact the the prices fluctuated wildly and one was listed at £219 when even on Amazon the cheapest was around £300. Another one which was copper instead of gold, however, was listed at over £100 DEARER than the cheapest on Amazon?!

Now I thought this is bloody odd and I had better take some screen shots and look over these again and post them up when all of a sudden as I was doing this the lage went blank and a message come up to say there was technical difficulties. I had never had this happen on Littlewoods website and despite numerous attempts the message came up. I did not think much of it until I decided to go to the Very site and look on there when the same message came up immediately?!

Now when I told them I realised they were the same company this was denied. There was also a curious thing which I declared to the authorities that they offer you coupons and discount vouchers that do not work 80% of the time. I have been given all kinds of laughable excuses for this and the best one was I do not have the right type of account?!?!

Now this became annoying when I tried to apply a discount from ONE company to the other catalogue, I mean they are the same company why not? It did not work and I asked them why and they said that they were different companies in different buildings and nothing to do with each other, other than being 'sister' companies...

... so why have the websites BOTH gone down and stopping me from viewing then?

I recently had a letter from very stating they were now sending debt collectors after me and I shall contact them over the weekend telling them they can stick their money and the debt collectors where the su does not shine. But I still have an account with Littlewoods with my Nikon and still owe them and I pay them, as the camera WORKS!!

So is it just a coincidence? Are they blocking my IP?? Or maybe they realised their mistake with the headphones and that this is a dead give away of proof of what i have been accusing them of and took them down but just so happens to be just after I noticed them?! LMAO! Who knows but it was strange how it went down within a couple of minutes and Very was already down when I tried to get their homepage up?!

Oh and the pictures? Yeah I got them for YOUR amusement now!!

So they DON'T SELL you second hand goods? Well how would they account for these following prices?

Or maybe they are now trying to state that they do and always have done, well WHERE EXACTLY on the pages is that fact made known to BUYERS?!?!

EDIT: Oh dear I just had a thought, as websites still down, ermm I PAY for my Nikon on-line via their website?! This could be a problem if it turns out they have banned me, lmao!!!


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