Tuesday, 26 April 2016


OK so I published a lot of recorded evidence and documents proving, to many more visiting readers, that the NHS lied about many things.

I have got to go out and do a few things but before I did I had to get a few more relevant files together. So as they are relevant I will publish them.

If you missed the first part with the lying, consecutive but different family of drugs prescribed that were the only things to work on my condition of Fibromyalgia and other things ...


Now for some more damning stuff for other organisations all linked to the NHS ...

Dr Gubbay...

Going from Gabapentin to unrelated Amitriptyline for a condition that I diagnosed AFTER they kicked me off their register for violence..

My last appointment where I was unaware a letter was on the way kicking me off citing violence ... you might note that the one accusing me of this is alone and quite ... well, CALM LOL ...

Barnet Hospital's Katherine (Catherine) Johnston...

Before an appointment with Dr Ray (or Day) and Julian Livingstone I was asked to attend a meeting with two people. Half way through I realised they were going to refuse to see me based on violence and put this to them. They denied this but the following day a letter arrived that stated that if I did turn up to the meeting, just prior to the appointment, they would not see me with violence being the reason.

Because I wrote an angry letter because I had waited over 6 months and thought they have conveniently forgotten about me and accused them of it too.

St Michael's Hospital Enfield

This is an appointment with a bi-pedal mechanics department that then stated that the Pes Cavus diagnosis at Barnet Hospital was ... WRONG!

NHS PAIN MANAGEMENT BUT ACTUALLY A RECRUITMENT DRIVE FOR VOLUNTEERS (Umm people in pain) TO WORK FOR CHASE FARM HOSPITAL FOR £15.00 FOR 5 DAYS .. (3 visits then was not asked any more, guesses ast to why?! Lol)



NHS England (not all of it)

Some letters regarding my complaint...


PHSO.. (Not all of it)

 As I said that is not all of it.

I TOLD you I had a LOT!


  1. GMC is a defence counsel for corrupt doctors, it doesnt look after your interests. GMC is just as corrupt as NHS and PHSO. I also have recorded and documentary evidence of NHS corruption and misconduct and that includes the GPs who are private contractors and so fall outside the NHS complaints procedure - which is a farce anyway. And btw. sT Thomas Hospital in London tests patients for aids without their knowledge or consent - regardless of what you are in four. Some advice, if the nhs claims to have diagnosed you with fibro - this is often found to be Hashimoto's disease. Get your T3 tested, not via the nhs nut privately via TDL/Blue horizon, no quack needed. Then if your t3 is out of range, which I BET IT IS, get yourself onto NDT. NHS will not prescribe but you can get it online. As we all know, NHS will always tell you your results are normal when they are not, just so they can save money by not treating you

  2. Thank you very much for commenting.

    It's very, very uplifting to know that not only an I not alone but that others are doing exactly what I've been doing.

    Thanks again, Max. ;)

  3. I am interested to know something, once I had given your comments some thought. Did you ever approach the news media with your evidence?

    I have a funny feeling I know what your answer is going to be.

  4. Just checked Hashimoto's Disease. I can see why you thought it might be that afflicting me but my red and white blood count was normal, no weight gain, have trouble with heat, not cold, bowel movements not reduced and heart rate up instead of down.

    When I found out about Fibromyalgia is did not only fit the several ailments I had been asking about but answered several dozen others I had been experiencing. Some of these I had asked about and some of these I had not, purely because I was not being diagnosed or messed about deliberately for the ones I had asked about.

    Symptoms are plantar fasciitis in reverse, arch pains, metatarsalgia, pain in a toe, hip pains, skin conditions in several places, high blood pressure (GP says is FMS), anxiety, depression, restless legs syndrome, restless arms syndrome, IBS, short term memory issues and a host of others.

    Also after I discovered it I had been prescribed Gabapentin and then refuse Pregabalin and given a totally unrelated drug called Amitriptyline instead. Both were the first drugs to ever have a positive effect on my symptoms. I then discovered in an older version of Black's Medical Dictionary that when it was printed Gabapentin and Amitriptyline were the only drugs listed as having a positive effect.

    Oh yeah I also get deltoid pain and a lumpy feeling under my armmpits, which are quite unique things to Fibromyalgia it turned out.

    Other things include collapsed discs in back causing pain, Achilles tendonitis, osteopenia, heartbrun I take pills for, pain in inguinal hernia repair area, damaged right knee, frozen shoulder probably from vertebrae issues in necck.

    The thoracic disc collapse and neck vertebrae issues clearly showed up in a chiropractor x-ray that is on here that was performed while standing up, which of course made perfect sense.

    Only when I asked the NHS to look into this they did my neck x-ray standing up, osteopenia then showed up, but then ushered me away from the x-ray machine to another one where I was placed on my side if a foetal position to x-ray me for collapsed discs which you clearly do not do. I asked the radiologist why he was performing the x-ray this way and he said the NHS stipulated that all back x-rays be performed this was unless weight bearing x-rays were requested. I said that was very stupid and he shrugged his shoulders, lol.