Friday, 22 April 2016


OK well I have not done this for a while.

Think there may be an issue or two with my cloud storages anyway and I have typed out something, in a rough chronological order.

This is because there is a glimmer of hope that someone may actually, I will believe it when I see it, act on my behalf in a legal capacity, against the NHS.

While at the exact time I realised that if and when I get refused help and told I have no chance it would be a good idea for the visitors to this site to see what I have.

By that I mean all the evidence! Lol!

So what I am going to do is copy and paste something I have typed out for this organisation I am going to send, or in fact TWO organisations I will send it to, and the links to the recorded files.

You read that correctly, I am going to link in the recordings right here and right now!

Now this is going to seem like a lot, but easy to read and chronological, but trust me when I state this ...

These files amount to 234MB, thereabouts ...

I have over 100GB, thereabouts but would not surprise me if it was over 150GB. Over 200GB would surprise me though.

So if you have had difficulties or suspicions about the NHS ... well you had better strap yourselves in and hold on tight for dear life!

  1. Hiatus Hernia (early 90's)
  2. Oesophagitis (2006 ish)
  3. Fibromyalgia Syndrome (2014 diagnosed symptoms back to 2003(feet) early 90's)
  4. Back & Neck Pain (1993 & 2008 ish) [Diagnosis on tape, not medical records]
  5. Right Knee Pain (2003-4) [Diagnosis on tape but not medical records]
  6. EDIT: Oh yes and I have a High Blood Pressure that often reads over 170+ and 112+ while on 10MG Ramipril

  • Remember … this is their idea of saving money ...
  • Forest Road Medical Centre (Drs Ivbijaro, Mahandras, Rhaman & Others)
  • Whipps Cross Hospital (Dr Tahir) (have documents) (& a physio)
  • Wanstead Hospital (Physio I then see again Whipps, above)
  • From 2007 …
  • Carlton House Surgery (Dr Dressler) (have documents)
  • Chase Farm Hospital (Dr Saksena & Dr Tai) (have documents) (3 Physios, Pain Consultant twice)
  • Dr Rooban's Surgery (Dr Huq) 2009-ish [admitted NHS corruption details, saw x-ray retired immediately] (realise I will need evidence) (have good document, feet/knee/back/ankles)
  • Abernethy House Surgery (Dr Gubbay) [kicked for violence after mad does not work] ALL RECORDED
  • Barnet Hospital (Dr Ray (or Day) Julian Livingstone) Katherine Johnston tries to refuse, reason violence, does not work ALL RECORDED
  • Willow House Surgery Drs Kumar, Jnr & Snr [kicked after 7 months for recording] ALL RECORDED (NHS only realise after 7 months of being here)
  • St Michael's Hospital (Dr Raj & another) ALL RECORDED
  • Guy's Hospital (Dr Kirkham) RECORDED
  • Town Surgery 2014 ish to date [hand over x-ray again and again Doctor leaves, coincidence?]

  • Skin conditions back to 1991 – No Treatments Worked
  • Back Pain 1993
  • Foot Pain 2000-01
  • Insisted above was Plantar fasciitis
  • Foam Inserts from ..
  • Physiotherapist (Wanstead)
  • Rheumatologist (Whipps X) 2002-3
  • Ultrasound Treatment from
  • Physiotherapist (Whipps X, second one)
  • Podiatrist.. (Forest Road Medical Centre)
  • Orthotic Inserts (from above, Forest Road)
  • Physiotherapist (Chase Farm)
  • Orthopaedic Surgeon and Podiatrist (Barnet)
  • Vasyli Signature Orthopaedic Inserts (from above, Barnet)

  • Forest Road Medical Centre ..
  • Promised podiatrist if I had corticosteroid injections
  • Insisted I had Plantar fasciitis, I argued with more than three Doctors that I did not
  • Refused referrals by Carlton House, Enfield (2007-8)
  • Have MRI on the WRONG part of my back, find out in argument when surgeon then realises someone did something wrong and I KNEW it ... for the umpteenth time. Dr Daksena (later on)
  • Pressurise for several years for Knee MRI.
  • Knee problem spotted by sight by Dr Saksena
  • I see private chiropractor, x-rays my back, collapsed discs in thoracic and neck problem
  • Finally get MRI, but appointment never arrives get discharged without letter, so two letters didn't send. Now realise they are avoiding knee like the plague
  • Get sent to back pain specialist Chase Farm. She feels my back, confirms problem in neck and thoracic region, looks at privately done x-rays and matches up with her diagnosis
  • Sent for MRI but I realise it's done wrong as I'm lying down
  • Get told nothing wrong and discharged?! But was diagnosed!
  • My GP, Dr Huq, tells me I am correct about NHS and that they force GP's to lie to patients, not send them for treatment, expensive scans and don't diagnose things with expensive treatments and/or drugs but can't tell patients why. So patients get shouted at and abused by angry patients. Told I'm her favourite and only patient not to raise their voice at her
  • Dr Huq asks to see x-ray. Walks into surgery week later, tells five stunned staff she has had enough of NHS and announced immediate retirement, effective immediately takes x-ray and I never get to see her again, or x-ray back. I have copies.
  • Barnet Hospital I write angry letter after not hearing of appointment being made
  • Get a call from Katherine Johnston; asked in following day, midday, to speak of my concerns
  • During meeting with Katherine Johnston and a Mr White I accuse them of trying to claim I am violent to refuse me, they deny this..
  • But they had already posted a letter stating as much (have recording and letter)
  • Seen by Julian Livingstone and Dr Ray (could have been Day), claim I had tight plantar fascia and diagnosed Pes Cavus (wrong)
  • Barnet: Was X-Rayed by above, I asked why an x-ray. Mr Livingstone states to look for Bone Heel Spurs to prove Plantar fasciitis. I state there is no correlation between the two, he insists there is. I state scientific paperwork that the two have never been scientifically linked and that half people with bone heel spurs have no pain and half people with Plantar fasciitis have bone heel spurs. Disagreement over.
  • Pain Consultant prescribed Gabapentin stated it would work on feet but not on my back but neither were diagnosed ... so he/they knew what I had, I prove much later on
  • Gabapentin makes me feel ill, common side effect. Ask for Pregabalin but get given Amitriptyline
  • Argue about Gabapentin and Pregabalin being totally different drugs, get told they are the same and all just pain killers. One neurological and one anti depressant.
  • Self Diagnosed Fibromyalgia Syndrome
  • Have Ultrasound on groin for pain in right side, Inguinal Hernia repair. Finds painful large black lump, don't know what it is, plus another inguinal hernia in my left side
  • Second Inguinal Hernia was predicted 4 years previous by Martin Klein
  • But specialist tells me week later Ultrasound is clear
  • I challenge him and he admits there was an Inguinal Hernia and black lump, ergo he falsified test results, dictates new letter in front of me. Sends falsified test results to GP anyway
  • Argue with GP over test results. He accuses me of being insane. I offer him the recording as proof tests were falsified he says “What do I want to listen to that for?!”
  • Accuses me of violence, with help from GMC who I contacted to help me!!
  • Kicked off register, was leaving anyway as they are stupid, insulting and amoral
  • Discover the two unrelated drugs of Gabapentin and Amitriptyline are listed as only two drugs that work on Fibromyalgia in Black's Medical Dictionary (Enfield Town Library)
  • Therefore they ALREADY knew it was Fibromyalgia
  • Next GP tells me no Fibromyalgia specialists anywhere in the UK
  • Manipulate them to send me to Fibromyalgia people at Guys Hospital
  • Lied to and told no drugs for over sweating, Fibromyalgia symptom as it turned out
  • Guys Hospital my Fibromyalgia is FINALLY diagnosed and he spots my right knee, performs test that causes me pain, states physical problem with right knee
  • Says he will prescribe Pregabalin, main reason I am there
  • GP gets call to inform him I've been recording us and hospital visits, three years too late
  • We argue, he loses on every front, letter from Guys Hospital does not mention test on knee, knee pain from test nor Pregabalin so I don't get drugs I'm promised. Second time!
  • In 2016 I am sent for x-ray for collapsed discs, finally, but after having neck x-rayed while standing, I'm walked across room, laid on my side and placed in foetal position for collapsed discs?!
  • I challenge radiologist he answers NHS state to do all x-rays like this unless weight bearing is specified, I state x-ray waste of time as spine stretched out and collapsed discs won't show up
  • It's now absolutely certain they have been deliberately avoiding diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, Back & Neck and right Knee
  • I prove Fibromyalgia and that they knew about condition before I self diagnosed it
  • I prove they are deliberately avoiding my back and knee
  • I have all recordings of the above along with many others, not just the NHS either

  • Get asked if I want to attend pain management and I accept … only it is not … it is, and get asked, to work for Chase Farm Hospital as a VOLUNTEER for £15 for five days a week each of the three months I attend. They must have figured out I was recorded as I did not got asked back a fourth month (Brick Lane Medical Centre, Lincoln Road, Enfield) ALL RECORDED
  • Get sent to physio at Chase Farm Hospital but its as group lecture and being sarcastically told they do not have titanium spines on the NHS and 100 minutes on how the human spine operates, one attendee walks out in disgust after 10 minutes RECORDED

Some Documents ...

Dr Saksena & Dr Tai disagreement I had alluded to so many times over the last 3.5 years on here ...

Ahh I was booked in for two separate operations (Mr Hamilton and Klein) for the same Inguinal Hernia, lol

 Pain Management, I saw this guy twice a little over a year apart
Pain Management letter, realised and remembered they changed the date of appointment just 24 hours before it, we do that we get caned

Letter from Dr Huq from March 2011 which states my pains in feet(forced to diagnose myself after 13 years of asking), back (diagnosed but not on medical records), ankles (not diagnosed), knee (diagnosed but not on medical records), groin (found something along with a second inguinal hernia but later said there was nothing, OOPS!)
Remember I stated 'false economy' dozens of times over three years? LOL!

 Insisted on seeing this lady as I was having a breakdown, one of two, and convinced I was losing my marbles, so to speak. SHE insisted I was the sanest man she had ever met and was having a breakdown which was no surprise considering my life (when caught out lying years later they tried to say I was mad ... OOPS!)

This is NOT the one they falsified ... this ultrasound on my kidneys and now I find out that PPI's I have been taking for 18 years bugger up your kidneys, lol

From 2003 ... yes it goes back even further than this .. no idea back then I was being fobbed off and lied to and took a fair few years before I realised ...

And even THEN I still could not quite believe it and doubted it for a few more years, NOT helped because people kept saying "OH NO, Doctors and the NHS just WOULD NOT DO THAT!"

WRONG!! Thanks a bunch for wasting years of my life, naysayers, lmao

Oooh Guy's Hospital Letter, EDIT, lol ...

Just found out GP is leaving?! Not long after giving him my back x-rays, only second time I have handed them over and last time I did she retired within weeks, lol.

Appointment was OK, oddly they did fit me in! Told he was sorry he was leaving but was going to speak to both his father and his brother about me before he left, that's something I suppose? I gave him some ... tips, lol

Just gave the following to current GP after really bad series of flare ups, including not being able to walk for several consecutive days.

Due to Fibrofog getting progressively worse, losing memory, forgetting to mention ..

Heath Points

  • Memory is getting progressively worse and why I did this
  • Bad back pain, unable to walk for five days, starting two days after being told to buy new pillows?!
  • Interested to see if the same old trick, 'well that's that then' is pulled, over back pain
  • Fourth month waiting for a decision on my private x-rays
  • Better Pain Killers? Operation on spine?
  • NHS X-rays were for collapsed DISCS, not bone problems!
  • Still waiting for the Osteopath promised to me
  • Pulsating buzzing (like mobile phone) in different parts of body (5 years plus) increase in frequency – fasciculations, get total numbness often too
  • Rapid Heart Rate – Occasionally in evenings while relaxed
  • Nothing outside NIGHT CRAMPS, jury still out, has been dealt with and still have the skin tags (keep forgetting to mention them and I cannot reach them to tie string onto)
  • It seems that living on my own is never considered by anyone, Doctors included
  • Under a lot of pressure from friends and family about my high blood pressure
  • Falling over from Postural Hypotension (Ramipril?)
  • Addition (20/04/16) Bleeding profusely from my rectum, fifth time this has occurred, bleeding occurred over 24 hours

  • The following was over three days, first day missed appt with you ..
  • Had two bad days getting tired very quickly, Thursday 31st March and Friday 1st April first day I got tired and then right ankle clicked, intense pain, and I fell on stairs, missed appointment
  • Second day one bus, chat in shop, another bus, got off felt tired and getting more tired and irritable … gave water and food to a friends Budgie … got home felt absolutely rotten
  • Remembered on those two days I had missed my pills, both days
  • Woke up to sore throat, feeling flu like. Took pills except one somehow went up right nostril, rear end in throat. Thought it was my imagination until I could start to feel something burning in my throat, got worse to the point I snorted and some went into my lungs and burned, nearly phoned '999'
  • Pill disappearing up this 'hole', back of throat, has now happened a second time (11th April 2016)

Danger Points

  • Unable to keep house tidy, is a tiny house, keep falling over things, just a matter off time before I am seriously injured or house burns down
  • Occupational Therapist?
  • Fibrofog: Memory, focus getting bad, found myself lost, stuck north of Bumbles Green in Essex (Going from Waltham Abbey to Waltham Cross)
  • My father died of burst aneurysm, symptom is back pain, so you can imagine my friends and family and what they are saying?
  • He and my Uncle both died mid fifties, Uncle's death I am still unaware of but was something bad
  • I used to be called mad for my accusations against GP's … not by anyone any more
  • I am being fobbed off … again, that much is obvious … it has only been 18 months and nothing has been done and only differences are RAMIPRIL, which I am under pressure over
  • My house is a death trap and way too small, always falling over things, cannot keep on top things e.g. keeping the house tidy, cooking, cleaning, washing up etc
  • Oh and I still have the irritation and what feels like a lump above my right eye ..
  • .. as stated .. nothing, not a single thing has been dealt with in a reasonable manner
  • Why I recorded previously: I USED TO BE SEEN/VIEWED AS A LIAR to FAMILY & FRIENDS & want to highlight and stop the NHS or those that control all this crap

  • I have recordings including one with Darren Francis at Chase Farm admitting he falsified my ultrasound on my groin, you only have to ask for any of the 100GB I possess

  • I have said this before but will say it again … previous Doctors never thought to think that the NHS will leave Doctors to drown if a patients or patient catches them out and it goes to court, Doctors and General Practitioner along with Specialists will be left holding the baby, metaphorically speaking.
  • My advice is do not do the NHS' dirty work for them
  • The NHS will not be there when the proverbial hits the fan, which it will

I need something done about my back and I should not have to be asking and asking nor being sent for x-rays performed in a way it is obvious they are avoiding diagnosis

NHS Osteopaths do exist in this area.. Ashdown Clinic Potters Bar

NOW ... remember I said I ha stuff on FOUR LOCAL COUNCILS, TWO POLICE FORCES, the DWP (hence a certain resignation) and all OMBUDSMAN & many others?!




  1. I have been told repeatedly that there is no osteopathy on the nhs - as a result i have had to pay privately for over a decade. Now I find that if they can't offer it, they should pay for you to access it privately. I don't know of a more corrupt, dishonest, vicious, vindictive group of sociopaths than NHS GPs, who by the way are private contractors and therefore don't fall under the NHS complaints system - which is a farce anyway

  2. I have been told repeatedly that there is no osteopathy on the nhs - as a result i have had to pay privately for over a decade. Now I find that if they can't offer it, they should pay for you to access it privately. I don't know of a more corrupt, dishonest, vicious, vindictive group of sociopaths than NHS GPs, who by the way are private contractors and therefore don't fall under the NHS complaints system - which is a farce anyway