Saturday, 8 July 2017


Do you understand what makes a terrorist a terrorist?

To strike fear into the groups they do not like through violence or even death. This can be actual acts or indeed just the threat of these acts.

So this morning I had a video recommended to me and, though I did not realise it to begin with, it was concerning a large protest group that collected outside of the G20 summit.

Bizarrely not only have they avoided the protests and trouble on mainstream news media but the G20 itself mostly. I think that it was just such a large demonstration that it was difficult to do full coverage without showing the trouble going on with the protests outside.

Now a number of journalists that were willing to cover the G20 summit and the protesting went along to do their jobs.

Only .. things did not go too well.

I was shocked when a group of these journalists were .. harassed, followed, stalked,, had each of their locations tweeted out between the groups and followed. Even in trying to get away,, which was what their abusers stated they wanted, they were still followed and then threatened with being hospitalised and killed!

One needed to be patched up by someone. A medic on the scene I think?

What had me actually want to roar out with laughter, except I was too horrified to even let out a laugh, was that they kept calling these guys 'Nazis'. Just to clarify this was Germans stalking, following and threatening calling several non-German journalists ... errr 'Nazis'. LMAO!

This was of course Antifa.

One of the journlists was Lauren Southern who actually felt guilty because a few journalists, one German I think, were attacked because they were inn a picture with her. A picture! Guilty by association, well that does not sound very fascist, does it?

Their is a reason you were called the 'loony left' and when I was younger I did not fully understand why you were given that label. I most certainly do now!

But yeah, keep on the way you are going because each person you attack .. well they might know someone that agreed with you mad lot but .. after realising that you are all about violence you will loose ever more support. So .. yeah just keep going and intimidating and show everyone your true nature!

*Shaking m Head*

I .. I .. just do not believe it.

When I say they were followed there was one point where they went into a bar or something and they tried to get away by going out of the back of the building. But they seemed to have their escape outside blocked of by gates and bars. While they were out there someone appeared from nowhere and was just walking around like a zombie.

I am sorry but first off ... your all acting like your struck with some serious mental health illness. No, really!

Do you see what you have become and what it is that you are becoming?

When people do not agree with you, you strike out with violence and threats .. that was just like Nazi Germany you fucking imbeciles.

Also ... Jesus H. Christ! The fucking labels. I hate labels in politics and in extreme politics, though to be fair this appears to be only the left, they have a fucking label for everything. I hate labels in this area and I am not interested to familiarise myself with all or any of them. They are bollocks and I am even sure they just invent new ones all the time just so they can throw them up in an argument with those that oppose the to make them look stupid and therefore wrong? Or at least to give out the impression to the public, say on TV, that anyone who is not extreme left is wrong.

They are not only behaving and sounding like Nazis, 'think what we think or else', they are getting worse with each week that goes by. But they are running around calling those with no threats of violence to those they oppose and calling them Nazis?! Are you fucking for real?

It is so bad that they do not even realise that with some of these individuals they are barking up the wrong fucking wood, let alone the tree.

Anyone who is not with them is now perceived to be the enemy and that means anyone who is not extreme left. Anyone.

Hmm . my memory is trying to kick in .. is there not another large section of the population within countries that were mainly white people that are like this?

Yeah .. no other countries .. just those that consist of white people. But we, or large sections of, are supposed to be the Nazis?!

Funny I do not see you going up to the different non-national residents calling them Nazis because each of their countries do not consist of a group or community of a different race or colour because they wont let anyone in?! Double-standards, much?

Now here for me is thee absolutely biggest thing to piss me off with all this crap ..

Have you morons never heard of 'Divide and Conquer'?

Well .. you seem to be working really, really hard and creating an ever bigger divide and not happy until you have completely divided your country or an entire block of countries.

Well divide and conquer is a thing and always has been a thing. While your furiously dividing do you not think that another group at some point may make the decision to take advantage and conquer?

Or to put it another and more insulting way .. there are those that you are aiding that are sitting their in their houses,, provided for them, laughing their heads off at how you are doing their jobs for them.

How do I know this?

Because I know of one that more or less said it.

He just did no think any one of us was smart enough to know what he was referring to.

His probably in jail now because of that statement, or maybe even not in the country, UK, any longer and it was a result of my actions that this happened.

Indeed their could be a whole group or groups of them in jail or out of the country because of my actions. In fact I could go as far as stating WHOLE CELLS!

Fucking dumb-arse idiocy is all I see today of a bunch of people that think they are so right and so smart because they are surrounded by people that agree with them. Yeah it is not those kinds of numbers that make you smart nor wise.

Huh, Antifa is supposed to be anti-fascists but take a wild guess which are the only ones actually behaving like fascists?


Here is the video that .. mainstream media probably do not want you to see ...

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